Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are You Lost!?@+

I can't believe this is my first post about Coldplay, although this blog as been running for several days already. I should already have mentionned how fantastic their latest album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends is (I listened to it earlier today entirely thanks to a little road trip). It's got everything you'd expect from a Coldplay album : fantastic tunes, lyrical depth, and anthemic choruses. But this time around I feel it's got more. It's haunting, daring, it's exploring lots of different roads, and yet you still feel connected throughout the 10 tracks/11 songs.

Well, after two singles which appeared almost simultaneously at the beginning of the summer (Violet Hill & Viva La Vida), it's high time a third one was given the proper treatment. And what a treatment ! The insanely good Lost! is being released on Nov 10th as a "digital bundle", which means it will only be available online and not physically and will contain four versions of the song, hence the title of this entry.

- Lost! is the regular album version of the track
- Lost? is the acoustic take on the track
- Lost@ is a live version recorded in Chicago last summer (aka "the video version")
- Lost+ is a brand new version featuring a rap verse by none other than Jay-Z

You see what they did there ? Pretty clever ! Basically it doesn't affect the very high quality of this song, but in my opinion you're fine if you only own Lost!. That being said, the real good piece of news is the release of an EP named Prospekt's March between Nov 21 & 25 depending on where you live.

I can hear you asking "what is an EP?" (if you already know : good for you !). So here you go : those two letters stand for Extended Play (in opposition to LP, Long Play, album), and define a record with several tracks on it (like 5), so which is to short to be called an album, but contains too many to be called a "single".

Anyway, Prospekt's March will contain 8 tracks, so maybe we should call it a SEPSTSTBCAA (Super-EP-But-Still -Too-Short-To-Be-Called-An-Album). The tracklisting seems nice, but in fact there are only 5 proper new songs, the others being an instrumental track (or so I assume, given the title refering to the instrumental opener of Viva la Vida...), a remix and Lost+. Here it is by the way :

1. Life In Technicolor II
2. Postcards From Far Away
3. Glass Of Water (appearently they've been playing it on stage during their Viva La Vida Tour)
4. Rainy Day
5. Prospekt's March/Poppyfields (maybe 2 songs in one like Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love ?)
6. Lost+
7. Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Remix)
8. Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground

To be perfectly precise I should mention that the EP will be available alone (for those who have already bought VLVODAAHF) as well as on the new edition of the album, made of the 10 "old" tracks and the 8 "new" ones. And to be even more precise, I should add that the artwork goes on with the Eugène Delacroix-theme. Nice.

Just a side-note to finish : when are they going to let us hear their collaboration with Kylie Minogue, called Luna, which they judged "too sexy" to appear on the album ???!! Are they affraid it will cause riots everywhere ? Can this song make you all sweaty and turned on by the sole power of Chris Martin and Kylie's voices singing at the same time ??! I bet so... I've been dying to hear it for months now. Remember how amazing Coldplay's cover of Kylie's hit Can't Get You Out Of My Head was. I'm all sweaty and turned on just mentioning it... It was postardom heaven with a cherry of coolness on top of it. I still wish they put it on the EP as the hidden 9th track. Please Chris hear me.

The new video for Lost! (or is it Lost@ ??!!)

Coldplay's version of Can't Get You Out Of My Head, live at Glastonbury 2005

Découvrez Coldplay!

One I Love, one of my favourite Coldplay songs (it's a B-Side from the A Rush Of Blood To The Head-era)

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