Monday, October 20, 2008

I know, it's another girlband, but they have good songs

Lady and gentlemen (and trannies), meet The Saturdays. There are five of them, they are rather cute, they can sing (or so it seems), they love wearing dresses with different colours, and most importantly they have amazing pop tunes.

Découvrez The Saturdays!

This song above is their first single, they chose to name it If This Is Love which is clever since they say those words in the chorus. It spent some time in the British top 10 last summer, which makes it a minor hit. It contains a sample from an 80s song by Yazoo or something (pop-culture fact : the song was on the Rules of Attraction OST and is very good).

Well whatever now they are releasing both a new single and their first album respectively named Up ans Chasing Lights. Up is some kind of incredibly catchy pop song which makes you want to be a popstar and yell "Good evening London how ya doin'?" in a very popstarish way. Try it and tell me. Anyway here it is if you want to hear it :

Découvrez The Saturdays!

Good uh ?

Those Brits really now how to make a girlband. Think Spice Girls, All Saints, Girls Aloud, Sugababes and now The Saturdays. Of course, how many "Bellefire", "Atomic Kitten" or other one-hit-wonders / total flops, but still. I'm in a good mood (and finally know how to use those Deezer players) so here are my personnal favourites from the aformentionned bands :

Découvrez Spice Girls!

Découvrez All Saints!

Découvrez Girls Aloud!

Découvrez Sugababes!

Découvrez Atomic Kitten!

This being said, The Saturdays have other great songs, but I can't post them cause they're not on Deezer yet, but if you're interested you can surely find them easily on the web.

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