Monday, October 20, 2008

Random on Oct 21st

- Can't wait for the release of Snow Patrol's new album A Hundred Million Suns (Oct 27). Here's a video of them performing Take Back The City (new single) on Later...with Jools Holland. Sehr gut.

- Kaiser Chiefs' new album Off With Their Heads dropped out today, and I hadn't even noticed. How come I don't care at all, when I really loved their first two records ? Strange. I need to investigate that. Perhaps because the first single Never Miss A Beat (video here) is far from being awesome.

- Are you as surprised as I am about Razorlight's new single Wire To Wire (video here) ? I'm not sure what to think yet. Crap or brilliant ? Maybe brillantly crap. I have to decide. It's really unexpected. Anyway I'm excited for their new album (Slipway Fires, Nov. 3)
Update : I think I love that song.

- I only listened to it a couple of times, but Keane's latest effort Perfect Simmetry is not good. Apart from the first two singles (Spiralling and The Lovers Are Losing). Well there might be another decent song, I'll have to make sure when I'm done with Catfights & Spotlights.
Anyway I really love Is It Any Wonder?. Too bad it's on the band's previous album Under The Iron Sea.

- I need to check Dig Out Your Soul, Oasis' latest album, again. It sounded good when I played it while running around the house cause my suitcase for Barcelona was not ready even though I had to leave 2 hours later. Who knows, I might find a couple of good songs (besides The Shock Of The Lightning, which is only a 6/10 in my opinion).

- I know I shouldn't be, but I'm rather curious about that remix of Genie In A Bottle I partly heard Christina Sluttylera perform at last month's VMA. It sounded good, like a real reworking of the track. The original is great BTW, in a cheesy teen pop kind of way. Anyway she shouldn't release that ridiculous Greatest Hits of hers on Nov 10. Why ? I'll tell you why. You don't release a ten-track (+2 new ones, among which Keeps Getting Better, which I thought was good for only two days, and then was boring as hell -it took me two WHOLE days to figure it was a mash-up of Goldfrapp's Ohh la la, Sugababes Good To Be Gone, and another track I can't recall) album, omitting some singles, and with such an ugly cover picture. That's all, you simply don't do it.
This video is amazing : I think it's a tranny named Striperella performing exactly what Christina did at the VMA. Or maybe is it Christina? Chris', you know there's a problem when the tranny is looking better than you ! ;-)
If you want the real VMA performance, here it is ! Actually I'm really excited about that remix !

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