Monday, October 20, 2008

A thought about Mya

I know it's a rather surprising way to begin this blog, but well you've gotta start with something right ? Yesterday I got to thinking about Mya, that sexy R&B singer who released an album called Fear Of Flying back in 2000 (yes, it's that old !). There were 3 great songs on it (Case of the ex, Free & Pussycats) and the rest was crap. Well I treated myself with 10 minutes of Mya and thought it was too bad she had vanished after a bad second album and that Lady Marmelade cover she was in (from the Moulin Rouge OST) -she was the only one not looking like a complete tranny BTW.

Then believe it or not, I later on read about a new Mya single, called Welcome to Paradise. Let me say something : it sucks big time. It's nothing more than some bland and uninspired R&B even Ashanti would be ashamed of. That tells it all I guess.

Give us a new Free, baby.

Découvrez Mýa!

Découvrez Mýa!

Découvrez Mýa!

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