Tuesday, October 21, 2008

(Very) exciting day !

I wasn't quite expecting those two to leak a week ahead of their release, but they have ! At least I wasn't expecting to get them now. I'm talking about Snow Patrol's A Hundred Million Suns and The Saturdays' Chasing Lights. I haven't listened to SP's CD yet so I can't say anything. But The Sats' is rather good. Some are fantastic songs, some are great songs, some are good songs, some are not-so-good songs, and some are forgettable songs.

In fact :

- Fantastic songs on the Saturday's album Chasing Lights : 1 (Up, but the radio version, not the album version) + 1 B-side (Crashing Down, absolutely fantastic, should have been on the album BTW)
- Great songs on the Saturday's album Chasing Lights : 3 (If This Is Love, Work, Set Me Off)
- Good songs on the Saturdays' album Chasing Lights : 4 (Keep Her, Issues, Lies, Chasing Lights)
- Not-so-good songs on the Saturday's album Chasing Lights : 1 (Vulnerable)
- Forgettable songs on the Saturday's album Chasing Lights : 1 (Fall)

Basically the down-tumpo/ballads are not as good as the real pop mindblowingly exciting tracks. I bet you could have guessed that.

Well done The Saturdays anyway !

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PEP said...

(In english too, let's play the game)U know how crazy I am about SP. So I'm in the starting-blocks too. Congrats for your blog..Dunno why you did not do it earlier. Funny though...I have started the same thing about TV shows 2 weeks ago but my time is actually taken by f...g stategy study cases, negociation cases, marketing cases, and I was waiting to see some episodes before writing...I'm also building the Aussie blog so It'll be ready in January...I guess
The blog explains why you did not give any news those last 2 months.