Monday, October 20, 2008

What can be said about the Sugababes' new album "Catfights and Spotlighs" ?

The amazingly amazing Sugababes have released their new album Catfights and Spolights.

First of all : it's REALLY GOOD. In a 7.5/10 kind of way.

Then :

- It has a "retro-yet-modern" sound overall. Think Duffy, Sharleen Spiteri, horns, Supremes, Jackson Five.
- It is really classy. Girls Aloud still manage to sound like Girls Aloud (ie. high-class escorts singing fantastic pop songs with nice voices), but here you can hear a difference between the way Push the button was sung and how Every Heart Broken sounds.
- The album's title is fun and sounds great when you say it out loud (who does ?), but I still can't see how it relates to the songs. Maybe they threw kittens at each other during the recording sessions, while being lit up by spotlights, to, you know, "deal with the pressure".
- No song on this album is more amazing than Denial (from last year's Change) or Freak Like Me (from Angels With Dirty Faces) are.
- Girls (live video here), the first single, is not the best song on C&S. You on a good day, Sunday Rain, Every Heart Broken and Sound of Goodbye are better.
- No Can Do, the rumoured second single, will probably do fairly well on the radio and the charts, but is not as good a Christmas single choice as Every Heart Broken would be.
- That About You Know "acoustic version" is useless. That said, it still is fantastic in its "normal" version. So if it reminds you of it and makes you go and listen to it, then it was a good idea to include that acoustic version on C&S. Got it ?
- The lyrics for Every Heart Broken are great, and fun.
- Every Heart Broken should have been named "Murder One", as initially planned. It sounds more exciting. (Note : a "murder" itself is NOT exciting, a song title containing that word can be. In the present case, it is.)
- The Ooh-la-la-la part in Nothing's As Good As You is very cool. As is the song itself. Very cool.
- Amelle is absolutlely amazingly fantastically hot right now, and so is her voice. I wish I met her in a smokey pub and bought her a pint of Guiness.
- Those three voices are really amazing together. I guess it's a good point for a girlband. But remember, it wasn't the case for, say, Atomic Kitten. Only one could really sing. One was hot. One was neither hot nor a good singer.
- It's a good thing Mutya Buena left the band three years ago. Amelle is far better, this lineup is the best, and now she gets the chance to make great songs on her own (so we have twice as many good songs, which is great).
- Hanging On a Star is not as bad as some might say. It is by no means fantastic. It would have fitted on Atomic Kitten's whateveritsname album in 2000. You can dance to it and sing along too, maybe.

Now a little ranking of the songs (#1 is my favourite), -it is highly probable that this will change over the coming weeks :

#1 - Every Heart Broken
#2 - Nothing's As Good As You / You On A Good Day
#4 - Sunday Rain / Sound Of Goodbye
#6 - Girls
#7 - No Can Do / Can We Call a Truce

You can hear some songs on the left (Deezer player)

That's all.

Découvrez Sugababes!

Buy Catfight and Spotlights on Itunes or wherever you like.

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