Monday, November 17, 2008

Ich liebe Monrose

Monrose is a band with many qualities :
- They're German.
- They sing hot electro-pop songs .
- They sing them in English.
- We'll that's it, but that's more than enough.

A little History first :
1) They won the fifth season of the German Popstars TV show in 2006.
2) Their names are Mandy, Senna and Bahar (or so they say. One of them really looks like a tranny, I'd like to know more about that. Maybe in fact her actual name is Gunter or Dieter).
3) They have released three albums in three years.

Basically, there's not much more to know because they're far from being as attractive and interesting as a band as Sugababes and Girls Aloud can be, but I just wanted to feature them on the blog because of some of their hot songs. Of course, they have plenty of soulless and boring ballads (they're a Popstars band, remember), but the producers they've been working with, especially on their latest record I Am, have managed to give them great pop tunes. They should really have released Hot Summer all over Europe for example, because this one has "MEGAHIT" written all over. It's catchy, danceable, reasonably cheesy and very fresh. It's a welcome mix of a Timbaland-type production and a Xenomania kind of stuff.
I Am, to that extent, is filled with potential hits, and that's exactly why their three singles so far are clearly not the most appealing... The latest one Why not us is super lame in comparison with Tip Toe or You Can Look. Strike The Match & Hit'n'Run, the first two extracts from the CD were OK, although a little too similar to Hot Summer, without being half as good.
On a side note, I really think it's too bad they're not really charismatic or more sexy, because they could be a lot bigger on the international market. For now they've only released their stuff in the German-speaking countries, but who knows for the future. That said, with Girls Aloud bombing in France a few years ago and Sugababes only managing to get a minor hit every two years, I don't think we Frenchies are ready for a girlband whatsoever. Are we still mourning the tragic loss of L5 ?
In the player below I featured my favourites from the girls, so you can make your own opinion. Anyway, I believe we should get more stuff from Germany. I love this country (I really do). Danke sehr, Deutschland.

For more info :

You can download the girls' music from iTunes, or order the CD from Amazon

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