Monday, November 10, 2008

Introducing... Scotty Dynamo!

One of things I love about the internet is wandering around, going from site to site through links, and discovering artists or songs I didn’t know and wasn’t expecting to.
That’s exactly how it happened with this artist I want to introduce you. Scotty Dynamo is a 19 year-old guy from Toronto, Canada who’s making music I’d describe as being a fun mix of pop, electro, hip-hop and rap. It’s reminiscent of Justin Timberlake to a certain extent, it’s great to dance to, or to play why getting ready for a party, you know when you’re in the bathroom, then choosing clothes, doing your hair etc. I know cause I experienced it yesterday! Judging from the biography posted on his Myspace page, the guy doesn’t lack ambition and energy, qualities which usually make good popstars.
Anyway, I can only hope Scotty releases more music soon on his Myspace and keeps getting better, as CA would say. But as for now, enjoy these few tracks below. And you know what? They won’t be taken down, since he gave me his written consent to post his music on my blog… So thanks Scotty!

Download :

Work It

Make It Right
Cars Glamour Fame Money

And, if you want to know more, become friends, watch more pictures (yeah, I know, the guy’s not ugly at all) etc, maybe you should go to his myspace :

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Sanya said...


I'm from Hungary, and i just found this site, exactly as you wrote..:) "site to site".. :) On youtube scotty dynamo and davey talked, and one of they video has a song by Scotty, so i try to find his music, and donwload it.
And now i'm here, so thnx for the musics, what you've share!:)

Peace and Love!