Monday, November 17, 2008

It's (part of) Britney's Circus, bitch!

In an attempt to produce a lame pun, I would say that the Circus is slowly getting into shape. This means Britney's new album (due Dec 2.) is currently leaking. So far I've heard :

- Womanizer : who hasn't ? Very good.
- Circus : the second single, very good, but not as strong as the first one. So "very good -".
- If You Seek Amy : say it out loud... yeah, that makes F.U.C.K. Me. If you expect some very delicate production and nice lyrics, well, you'll be disappointed. But it's still great and very efficient and sounds like a future hit.
- Kills The Lights : everybody's heard it too. It's good.
- Mannequin : I'm not liking it for the moment.
- Out From Under : THE big ballad. Everytime 2.0 or something. Plesant, but not being a ballad guy, I'll just say "OK".

For the moments it sounds like the sonic follow-up to Blackout, but I think it will be OK.
Can't wait for the rest. But as usual I'll probably be over it in a week. Nothing can top Gimme More anyway.

Below is a nice remix of Womanizer. Now release your inner Britney, bitches !

Womanizer Remix - Britney Spears feat. Erick Right

And here's a You Tube link to listen to Kill The Lights.

PS : how hilariously awful are the promo pictures for the album that leaked earlier last week ? They don't even look like Brit. Thanks St. Photoshop.

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