Thursday, November 13, 2008

Out Of Control Review 2.0

Today I figured I'd fight back after my huge Girls Aloud post was deleted. Some might think it wasn't such a bad thing, but I guess a review of their latest album (which I hope you bought) wouldn't hurt. So here it is above, in a ridiculously small size, but you get the general idea (plus, you can see it bigger by clicking on it). Let's now do some chart analyse.

Chart analyse facts :

- Out Of Control generally is a good album. If we were to draw an average line (which I forgot to do, being so bad at maths and all things related), it would go somewhere between "good" and "great", two terms universally known for being positive ones.
- On first listen I liked it less than after 17 days (ie. today).
- There clearly are three standout tracks : Love Is The Key, Turn To Stone and Untouchable.
- Other good tracks include : The Promise, The Loving Kind, Love Is Pain and Miss You Bow Wow.
- The album lows are, according to my judgement : Rolling Back The Rivers In Time and We Wanna Party (a "Lene-from-Aqua" cover !!!! Who covers that ? Shame on you Girls Aloud).
- Fix Me Up, Revolution In The Head and Live In The Country are a bit different, because I like them but am not totally won over yet. I gues they are slow growers. But I feel they have some potential over time.
- I'm still not going totally crazy about The Loving Kind (officially the 2nd single), just like all other bloggers/reviewers/journalists/fans seem to be. I know it's the "big-Girls-Aloud-Xenomania-Pet-Shop-Boys-collaboration" everyone had been waiting for, and that's maybe why I thought it would be far better. It will probably be a hit, but I do hope they'll be a bit more risky about the 3rd and 4th singles choices.
- Love Is The Key and Untouchable (in a shorter version or "radio edit") would be great as next singles because they are very different from singles 1 & 2, and to that extent showcase something new from the album.
- Volcals are more split on this album than on the previous ones (ie. superhot Nadine sings less, and red-haired Nicola sings more).
- Ashley Tisdale (the blonde one from High School Musical) is probably one of the most awful things that happened to music over the last decade. Fortunately no song on this album reaches such a low level. We're saved !

In other GA news :

- It seems they're back on top : after The Promise made it to number one in the UK a few weeks ago, the album just entered the chart at the top position ! Well done. So after a 6-year carreer they seem stronger than ever, AND they totally crash Sugababes on this one, soon after one of the Babes said in an interview that they were "much more successful than Girls Aloud in terms of record sales". She should have kept her mouth shut on this one...
- The Girls (ie their management) just announced The Out Of Control Tour 2009, which starts on April 30th at Belfast's Odyssey Arena and ends on May 23rd at London's O2 Arena. I guess mor dates will be added when the first ones sell out. This tour wil be their "biggest and most exciting EVER" (yes capital letters) according to their website. It better be, if they want to make it as big as the previous one. Just a side note : this will be their fourth UK Arena tour in four years ! I guess people are not tired of seeing them live! But I should add, their concerts are real shows, they sing 100% live, they dance, they are truly good performers. So it's a good deal.
To check for yourself, you can check the videos below, taken from their 2008 Tangled Up Tour, which was just released on DVD. It's got all a good pop show 's gotta have : screens, theatrics, dancers, sexy costumes, amazing lights and nice dance routines. Below is Sexy...No! No! No!, the first superheroes-themed song, and Control Of The Knife mixed with Kelis' hit Trick Me. Et voilà !

Below are my favourites track of the album for you to enjoy !

Girls Aloud Out Of Control

So now you're safe, you can go buy Out Of Control (or download it on Itunes),as well as The Tangled Up Tour DVD (here for example)

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