Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random on Nov 10 (re-upload)

As I already told you a few weeks ago, I was quite curious about Genie 2.0, the reworking of Christina Aguilera’s first single Genie In A Bottle. I have since then been able to hear it fully, and let me tell you I like it very much! It seems like she’s going electro for her next studio album, due out sometimes in 2009. And it seems that Goldfrapp are on board ! Should be good. Anyway, do whatever you like C. as long as you're more inspired than on Keeps Getting Better
GENIE 2.0 - Christina Aguilera

It’s tooooo bad the Sugababes’ latest album Catfights And Spotlights is flopping hard in the UK. It only entered the charts at #8, and after only three weeks, it’s at #36… It’s strange considering it’s their most mature and consistent work. Guess their core audience wasn’t ready for a new sound yet. At least I was, were you?! ;-)
Anyway here is a nice version of Hard Fi’s Living For The Weekend, which they did a few years ago on BBC’s Live Lounge. Good.
Living for the weekend - Sugababes

After all I won’t be writing a proper post on Snow Patrol’s latest album A Hundred Million Suns. Why? Because I was highly disappointed. They didn’t really evolve from their previous release Eyes Open, and at the same time the energy I cherished on their third album Final Straw is most of the time nowhere to be found. I really wish I loved this one, but I’ll have to wait for the next one I guess. That said, don’t be afraid, at least half of the record can be featured on the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack this season, so nothing’s really lost!

Do you know Christophe Willem? He’s a French pop singer who won the local Pop Idol three seasons ago. I’m normally much into that kind of artists, but this one got me to some extent, since he collaborated with Zazie on his first album Inventaire, which was a highlight in 2007. Well, guess what, he’s currently working on his next album, scheduled for an April 2009 release, with lots of British producers, including those of Kylie Minogue. Being a fan of hers himself, he managed to record a duet with KM. Too bad it won’t be a new song, but Kylie’s Sensitized, which is on her X album. Anyway their two voices together might sound great.

Here is a little something related to that: Christophe’s song Kiss The Bride, which could have easily been a hit if it had been released in Europe. On the live version it was mashed with Kylie's interstellar pop masterpiece Can't Get You Out Of My Head, and I think it worked VERY well (see here, crappy You Tube link, sorry). Anyway here's the studio version for you to enjoy !
Kiss The Bride - Christophe Willem

And, finally, I wanted to share a few covers made by different artists on the BBC Live Lounge show.
The first one was made by The Saturdays (which you have read a lot about on this blog already). It’s their version of Madcon’s Beggin, a recent hit all across Europe. In France it’s even been on top of the charts for eight weeks… Well the girls make it a lot more bearable, and even quite enjoyable!
The Saturdays - Beggin' (sorry it's a You Tube link, but the MP3 cost me this post to be deleted so...)

Then, here are three covers of the magnificent US band MGMT (their album has to be one of my favourites of 2008) by three different artists. That is inspiration! First Kaiser Chiefs cover Time To Pretend quite nicely (maybe they should only release cover albums now!), then the pretty funny Katy Perry covers Electric Feel in a very enjoyable way and finally one of my favourite bands at the moment, the wonderful Kooks give Kids an unexpected and great acoustic turn !
Live Lounge

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