Sunday, November 16, 2008

Run Leona, Run

I’m usually not a fan of the big-voiced-emotional-songs-singing-and-gala-dress-wearing type of artists (Whitney, Mariah, Crazy Dion for example). OK, they occasionally have decent songs but most of the time they make me laugh and frighten me at the same time. Plus they often lack personality. They’re good singers, full stop.
But strangely, I must confess there is something I like about Leona Lewis. Is it her incredible voice? Probably. It’s too bad there only was one really amazing song on her debut album Spirit (which has been a major success all aver the world in the last 12 months), that song being Bleeding Love.
Well, two years after winning the UK talent show X Factor, and a year after it was originally launched, Leona is re-releasing her album. But be careful! This time around it’s called Spirit – The Deluxe Edition, cause you know, there are some new songs on it. Too bad her record company didn’t remove some of the stinkers, but whatever. I’m writing this post because on this new version, there is a cover of Snow Patrol’s Run. Leona had covered that song a year ago on BBC 1’s Live Lounge, and now she has recorded it properly WITH A CHOIR!!! Ladies and gentlemen this song alone is worth the purchase of the whole album. While it was deliciously epic and soulful sung by Gary Lightbody (SP’s frontman), Leona’s version is simply breathtaking and powerful, in both an amazing and a cheesy kind of way. Cause first of all, Leona is probably one of the cheesiest girls in the world (example here), and secondly she makes the indie-rock Glastonbury anthem an unbeatable GREAT pop song. Go home, Mariah.

Here is Leona performing Run live on the X Factor Show (aka her home). If you wonder why the whole stage is dark during 2/3 of the song, you might be inspired to think “MAJOR CHOIR PART-TAKING”.

And here is Bleeding Love, just because it’s a fantastic cheesy-yet-enjoyable pop song.

Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

Spirit - The Deluxe Edition is out on Nov 17. You can dowload it from iTunes or buy it anywhere else you want.

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