Friday, November 28, 2008

There are two Circuses in town!

America’s trashy pop princess and the UK’s favourite man-band are both back with a new album, released on the same day and under the same title. While Britney Spears is dropping Circus, her sixth record (aka “the real comeback”), the four British gentlemen of Take That are proudly offering The Circus (see the difference?!), their fifth studio album.

I already wrote about Brit’s latest offering, and what I can add is that SHE SHOULD NOT RECORD BALLADS. She sucks so much at singing slow jams that my ears are bleeding every time I forget to skip them. So Out Of Under, Blur and My Baby should have been b-sides, at best. Meanwhile some of the actual b-sides are really good, like Rock Boy or Trouble, although the latter really sounds like a demo version of Madonna’s Get Together. Below are two videos: one of Brit & Madge on stage together at LA’s Dodger Stadium when they sang Human Nature during granny’s US leg of her Sticky & Sweet Tour. The second shows Brit singing her wonderful #1 hit Womanizer at the Bambi Awards in Germany this week. Hot version of the track! But compare Madge’s and Brit’s outfits. I think Ms. Spears didn’t leave LA empty-handed…
To conclude on Circus, I’d say Womanizer, Kill The Lights, If U Seek Amy and Lace and Leather alone are worth putting Brit back on top.

That being said, it doesn’t look like she’s going to be able to top Take That on the UK album charts next week. Reports say the guys are outselling her by a 5/1 ratio on pre-sells. I wouldn’t say it comes as a huge surprise, TT being incredibly popular in their homeland. Remember three years ago they came back with a Greatest Hits compilation, did a huge stadium tour and then released Beautiful World in 2006, their first album of new material in what seems like a century in pop time-space continuum. They scored three HUGE hits (Patience, the wonderful Shine, and Rule The World), and embarked on a 49-date European tour, probably one of the best of 2007. I never thought I’d write something that positive on a former boyband, but you gotta admit they really managed the transition from cheesy 90’s boyband to mature pop/rock manband perfectly. Less dancing, more good tunes.
So now The Circus is coming out, and let’s say it’s rather good. It’s the right balance between well-crafted ballads (opener The Garden, the epic Say It All, The Circus), pleasant mid-tempo songs (Greatest Day, the first single) and surprisingly cool up-tempo tracks like Hello, How Did It Come To This or Up All Night. All the songs are catchy in their own way. Let’s not lie, they’re not the boyband they were anymore, they’ve successfully grown into a respectable pop band.
By the way, their tour, named Take That Presents the Circus Live 2009 will be huge. They’ll be playing London’s Wembley Stadium 4 times (for now), among other stadiums across the UK.

Maybe to please everyone (or at least me) Take That should cover Womanizer ASAP. Just sayin' (Live Lounge anyone???!!!)

Madonna feat. Britney Spears : Human Nature Live at LA's Dodger Stadium

Britney Spears : Womanizer Live at Bambi Awards

Take That : Shine Live at London's O² Arena

Music :

Best of Brit's Circus & Take That's The Circus

Best of Take That's The Circus

Don't forget to buy thoses records when they come out on Monday Dec 1. (Amazon, iTunes, Fnac), if you liked what you heard.

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