Monday, November 17, 2008

A Zest Of good

It’s been a long time since I wanted to write a little something about Zazie, a French artist I’ve been loving for 12 years now. As today her first best-of collection is released, it’s the perfect occasion.
I’ll pass on the biography to stick to the music. She released her first album Je Tue Ils back in 1992, and has since released five others, as well as 3 live records. What makes her special and very appealing is that she makes quality pop music, which is quite rare in France, and she’s not afraid of experimenting on her own sound. A real evolution can be seen I think with the release of La Zizanie in 2001. While her sound was leaning towards classical pop-rock before it, this record showed a more daring approach of her regular formula, including electro sounds. This album coincides with her first collaboration with Jean-Pierre Pilot and Philippe Paradis, who since then have been involved in everything she’s released.
La Zizanie also introduced a slightly different writing style. Beforehand her lyrics were often made of puns and she was playing with words a lot. Still being very concerned by the state of the society (Rue de la paix, Adam & Yves), she opened up a lot more, offering more profound and emotional lyrics (Sur Toi, Si j’étais moi for example). On Rodéo and Totem, her last two albums, she pretty much stuck to this formula, for the better. While she’s not really a hit-maker anymore (her songs not even being released as singles), she still is very popular. She’s one of the few French singers who are able to play the biggest venues and even sell them out. Her recent Totem Tour proved once again that she is an amazing artist live. She’s extremely generous on stage, and isn’t afraid of trying new things. The guys playing alongside her are great, and the bond between them all is obvious.

So the release of her Zest Of is a great way to discover this prolific and very likeable artist if you haven’t already. Plus, you’ll get two brand new songs, FM Air and Un Peu Beaucoup, both great.
Oh, and by clicking on the song titles in this article, you’ll be able to watch her videos, most of the time very original.

You can buy Zest Of Zazie on the Fnac site or download it from the Fnacmusic online store.
Oh I almost forgot ! Along with the 2-disc set is a DVD with all her videos. It’s really worth a few more euros (or pounds or dollars or whatever) if you want my opinion…

The video from her latest single FM Air. Fun fact : the lyrics are mainly made of song titles of hers and the video refers to her previous ones. How good is that?
FM Air (video)

Below are some of my favourites from her. Hope you like them!

Additional interesting videos :

A ma place (duet with Axel Bauer)
Les Meilleurs Ennemis (duet with Pascal Obispo)
Cyber (Rodéo Tour Live)

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