Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kylie + Coldplay = almost amazing

The best day in the world could have been yesterday, when the much-anticipated Kylie + Coldplay track was finally made available through the RED(wire) website. As you might know Dec 1 is the world AIDS day, and in order to raise money for research, some artists have agreed to give previously unreleased songs to that charity. The thing is you pay 5$ and every Wednesday you can download a track that comes with the online issue of RED(wire) magazine.
So Chris Martin decided to give Lhuna, the track his band recorded with Kylie Minogue during the Viva La Vida sessions.
Well, I was probably expecting too much (WAY too much) cause I must admit I was a little disappointed at first. It’s not at all what you’d expect from a Kylie/Coldplay collaboration. Of course this stament is ok if what you expect is a "bouncy pop track". Au contraire, it’s very dark and sung in a very low tone by both singers. But after a few listens, it’s quite haunting and mysteriously enjoyable. If you want to compare, it’s a little similar to Where The Wild Roses Grow (the amazing song Kylie recorded with Nick Cave in the 90s). One thing’s for sure, their voices are great together. And I love it when Chris Martin sings like that (he does that a lot on Viva La Vida).

Enjoy, and most importantly don’t forget to subscribe to RED(wire), it’s an important cause. Plus you’ll get a new U2 track soon!

Visit RED(wire) website here.

Lhuna (featuring Kylie Minogue) - Coldplay
For the memory : Where The Wild Roses Grow
Where the Wild Roses Grow - Kylie Minogue/Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

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