Sunday, December 07, 2008

Lenka's album is worth a listen or two or much more

On the Australian scale of musical amazingness, we all know Kylie’s on top, and forever will be. Once you’ve established this as a fact you can start looking at other Aussie artists. Remember Savage Garden? They sure had great songs. Natalie Imbruglia used to be cool too. Every now and then a newcomer from Down Under knocks at the Popstardom door (Gabriella Cilmi), and makes us pop fans glad the faraway island exists.
That’s exactly what I thought when I first heard about Lenka. I seriously think her first, eponymous album can be a clever last-minute choice for a thoughtful present. Her style is a mix of Lily Allen’s and Kate Nash’s with a little Feist influence for good measure. It’s a very enjoyable pop album filled with catchy and soulful tunes. It feels like reading a funny and sexy girl’s diary, though funny and sexy girls probably don’t bother writing diaries, but whatever.
Her first single The Show will instantly find its way into your head and in no time will you be singing it on your bus ride to work/school/wherever you’re going. My personal favourite is her forthcoming single Trouble is a friend, which I find is a delicious and delicate pop song you can very easily become addicted to. And, is it just me or the first notes of Don’t Let Me Fall are totally reminiscent of New York New York?! I mean this is a good thing, but that’s what I immediately thought on first listen. Do you feel the same way?

Without further ado, give Lenka’s album a spin, and enjoy this new, promising voice.

Here's her Myspace page, but watch out! When you enter the page three videos and an audio start playing can get frightening!
Below is the lovely video for Trouble Is A Friend

The Show - Lenka
Dont Let Me Fall - Lenka

I'm sorry it seems like her label doesn't see the interest of letting bloggers embed Lenka's songs on their blogs, cause they're not available on Deezer or Imeem... Too bad for them, and you. Anyway you can get the album from iTunes, Amazon etc.

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Anonymous said...

Lenka is so adorable! Her music and personality just makes you wanna smile! :-)

There's this great interview she did with the CW a couple of weeks ago, check it out at