Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Question of the day: Can Lily Allen be great again ?

Well, as much as I loved her first album Alright Still for its great pop tunes, its cheeky lyrics and the overall fun that emanated from it, I recently couldn’t stand Lily Allen’s style, her stupid comments on everything going on in the world and her being in the papers for pretty much everything but music. Still, songs like LDN, Alfie, Smile or Friday Night were still on heavy-rotation on my iPod… “Only the music counts!”
Yesterday the first single off her forthcoming album It’s Not You It’s Me, entitled The Fear, was given its first play on Radio 1. Well it sounds great, very Lily Allen, but a little more mature I would say. The overall vibe is really good, it’s just as pop as it could be. It makes me eager to hear more from the album, which drops on Feb 9.
In the past months she leaked two other tracks which will be on the album : Everyone’s At It and Guess Who Batman (Fuck you Very Much), which are good too.
For now have a listen of The Fear and make your own opinion. No doubt I’ll write about Lily soon. Welcome back girl!

For more info : Lily's MySpace

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