Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Look no further... is this a message ?

I'll contradict Dido's new song title, and look (actually listen) further than those four songs off her new album I heard so far, when Safe Trip Home is released on Nov 17.

I really liked her first two albums (No Angel, 1999 and Life For Rent, 2003), and was kind of looking forward to hearing her new songs. I remember reading that the recording of Safe Trip Home was being described as "a long process", with Dido experimenting a lot in the studio, trying to evolve with her own sound.

Four songs have surfaced until now, the first single Don't Believe In Love, which I'd describe as low-key introspectively boring Dido. Then she gave a song away on her website (Look No Further), which clearly made me wonder if the album was worth the wait. That minimalistic song clearly doesn't live up to what she's done in the past (Don't Live Home, See The Sun, My Life, Isoblel for example). Has Dido become totally boring ? I hope not. Then yesterday I found two more songs Let's Do The Things We Normally Do and Us 2 Little Gods, which are far from being exciting, to say the least.
So has Dido lost her Mojo while being away ? Maybe Don't Believe In Love is not the smartest choice for a first single, but still it's quite radio-friendly and will probably be a minor hit, but what's for sure is that Look No Further is clearly not a highlight, just a song she gave for free as a "thanks for waiting" gift...

I really hope the release of Safe Trip Home will prove all this wrong and will offer a new collection of classy pop songs perfect for a winter night by the fireplace. Cause that's what Dido's good for, right ?

Below you can hear Don't Believe in Love (which you can purchase since yesterday) and Look No Further, and make your own opinion on the tracks.

Découvrez Dido!

Découvrez Dido!

And, just for the memory, some good old Dido songs.

Découvrez Dido!

Découvrez Dido!

Découvrez Dido!

Découvrez Dido!

French Kiss, en français dans le texte

I rarely listen to any French music, mainly because I think we suck at making quality pop. Maybe it's just not in our DNA. There are fortunately a few exceptions I'll come to write about, starting today with one of my favourite bands, Vendetta.
They're clearly one of the best things that happened to French music over the last decade. They figured it would be a good idea if they started making brit-pop influenced tunes, while singing in french. And boy it was a good idea !
I first heard them back in 2003, when they were Zazie's (another great French pop singer I'll write about later) opening act on her Zizanie Tour. What struck me was how immediate and addictive their songs were and how warm and captivating Sylvie Hoarau's voice was. While buying their EP soon after the show, I ran into her and we started chatting, which was quite a nice moment. They had been touring heavily for years and this opening slot for Zazie was their chance to meet a wider audience every night. Soon after they signed to a Universal Music label (Barclay) and began working on their first proper album. In the winter they released an new EP containing one of their best songs, French Kiss, but unfortunately due to a lack of media attention, it wasn't as successful as it should have been and they remained pretty much unnoticed.

Drôle d'Idée ("strange idea") was released a year later, in May 2004. Despite being packed with potential hits (French Kiss, L'excès, Everest, Assassin, Le Silence...) it received absolutely no support from the label. Barclay clearly ruined their chances to make an impact by not choosing the right first single (Viens, not a sufficiant hit to launch them properly), not making a video even if they had a strong visual universe. Well this first album had "disaster" written all over it, even though it was one of the best records of 2004 (to me at least !). To make it clearer, the album entered the French top 200 at number 198, and left it after only a week...
Still today I can't understand why this album wasn't marketed more professionally, why it failed to make an impact on the radio (some of the songs were perfect for the summer) and why it was dropped so fast. I hope the people who worked on the project are rotting in Hell...

As you can imagine after such a catastrophe, no second album was considered by the label. The band performed a few shows, but never got the attention they deserved. Sylvie then had a baby, and as for now, their Myspace page doesn't say much, except "Vendetta est mort, vive Brigitte" (Vendetta is dead, long live Brigitte). Does it mean they'll be back with a new name, new songs, new projects ? I really hope so, since they still have so much to offer. Oh, and their former website turned into a porn one. wonder if they know ! Or maybe THIS is their new carrer !
For now all seems calm on the musical front, but I'll keep you posted for sure.

Below are some tracks from their first album Drôle d'Idée for you to download (I'm feeling generous today, and anyway this won't hurt their album sales...). Tell me what you think in the comments section !

French Kiss (taken down)
Message (renamed Le Silence on the album)

Visit their myspace page here

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Playlist Update !

The player on the left of the main page has been updated with new songs. Hope you'll enjoy them.

Lesson learned !

Close your eyes. You're in Australia.
Bondi beach, check. Harbour Bridge check. Great reef barrier, check. Kylie Minogue, check. Kangaroos, check. Savage Garden, check. Heartbreak High (go Ryan!!!), check. Nicole Kidman (go Botox!!!), check. Clichés, check.

Well ladies and gentlemen I'll ask you to make some more room in your Australia-related-stuff box for the lovely Gabriella Cilmi. This 16-year-old beautiful Aussie made her way on the european airwaves earlier this year, proving that Kylieland knows how good pop music is done.

I got her album months ago, loved it for several weeks, then forgot about it, and rediscovered it a few days ago, thanks to an ad on French TV. Yeah, France is just starting to buzz about her. Us French people are never late when it comes to music... ! Her first single for the european market was the deliciously addictive Sweet About Me which slowly but surely climbed the UK charts a few months ago, something quite rare over there (singles usually chart at their peak position on their first week and then slowly climb the charts down), to peak at a respectable number 6.

Her album, Lessons To Be Learned, is a nice piece of pop crafted by the holy Xenomania, the production team behind Girls Aloud and some of Sugababes' finest work. They managed to make good use of her warm and very mature-sounding voice (think Anastacia without the scary part) on catchy pop tunes, such as Don't Wanna Go To Bed Now (well, lady, 16 is quite a young age, you need you rest) or Cigarettes And Lies and Messy. The more pop-rock oriented Save The Lies (her second single) clearly demonstrates the sexy bee can deliver in the voice department without sounding too hard-pushed. Got No Place To Go has got a bass line reminiscent of Duffy's Mercy (tell me if I'm wrong), but thank God it's not as annoying after 3 listens, it even is one of the best tracks on the record. Of course there are the inevitable ballads, but those are surprisingly not boring, Akward Game even being quite good, with its acoustic guitar bringing a welcome folk touch. Terrifying and Echo Beach are also pleasant up-tempo tracks that conclude the album well.

Overall Miss Cilmi shows some impressive skills on her first album. The fact she won six ARIA awards (Australian music awards) last week proves her carreer's far from being over. In fact it's just beginning.

Découvrez Gabriella Cilmi!

Découvrez Gabriella Cilmi!

Découvrez Gabriella Cilmi!

Découvrez Gabriella Cilmi!

Découvrez Gabriella Cilmi!

If you liked what you heard, maybe you can go buy Lessons To Be Learned by Gabriella Cilmi at the nearest record shop or download it from Itunes, or wherever else you like.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The B(right)-Side Factor

If they have to be praised for anything else than being awesome popstars, Girls Aloud have to be aknowledged for one particular fact : their B-Sides are (most of the time) really great material. Dare I say on some occasions they even outshine some of the albums tracks.
Although they give any of their singles an undeniable added value, they have one major drawback : they never get to be performed.

The reason songs like Dog Without A Bone (on the Sexy...No! No! No! single), Blow Your Cover (on the Call The Shots single) or Hoxton Heroes (on the Can't Speak French single) didn't get the chance to make an impact on a wider audience than those who bought the actual CD or "digital bundle" is a really too bad. I can clearly imagine one of the 3 songs above being part of the 19 top 10 singles the band has had since their 2002 debut single Sound Of The Underground. Their latest single is no exception, since alongside The Promise (clearly not their best release to date, but more on that when the new album is released), you get a very enjoyable track named She. It makes the purchase of the single worthy and so, deserving of a top 10 entry (but I'd rather bet on a number 1 -the fourth of their carrer- on next Sunday's UK charts, given their performance on The X Factor last weekend)...

Apart from lovely leftovers from their albums recording sessions, the girls have often treated their fans with great covers and other surprises. On the third and final release off last year's album Tangled Up, the sweet Can't Speak French, you could find an even more adorable French version of the track... how clever and cheeky of them ! Anyway Fling should have been a single instead of CSF... As far as covers are concerned that precise single contained the Girls' take on Robyn's superhit With Every Heartbeat, turning it into a mid-tempo number with crazy harmonies. Their cover of Amy Winehouse's Rehab was also a great one which found its way on the Call The Shots single. Their recent appearance in BBC 1's Live Lounge resulted in a surprisingly cool cover of One Republic's hit Apologize. Fortunately their covers aren't limited to a visit to Jo Wiley (the Live Lounge host)... On the re-issue of their first album was their version of Duran Duran's hit Girls On Film which was rather good. They also released several covers as proper singles, such as I'll Stand By You (The Pretenders), I Think We're Alone Now (Tiffany), Walk This Way (originally performed by Aerosmith & Run DMC, and covered for charity with the Sugababes). But overall they've proved that their original material is much more powerful and that there now is a "Girls Aloud sound".

Can't wait to hear what they have for us on the new album Out Of Control, released on Nov 3rd !

Below is a little selection of the tracks I mentioned in this post, hope you'll enjoy them !

Girls Aloud covering One Republic's Apologize at BBC1's Live Lounge

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are You Lost!?@+

I can't believe this is my first post about Coldplay, although this blog as been running for several days already. I should already have mentionned how fantastic their latest album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends is (I listened to it earlier today entirely thanks to a little road trip). It's got everything you'd expect from a Coldplay album : fantastic tunes, lyrical depth, and anthemic choruses. But this time around I feel it's got more. It's haunting, daring, it's exploring lots of different roads, and yet you still feel connected throughout the 10 tracks/11 songs.

Well, after two singles which appeared almost simultaneously at the beginning of the summer (Violet Hill & Viva La Vida), it's high time a third one was given the proper treatment. And what a treatment ! The insanely good Lost! is being released on Nov 10th as a "digital bundle", which means it will only be available online and not physically and will contain four versions of the song, hence the title of this entry.

- Lost! is the regular album version of the track
- Lost? is the acoustic take on the track
- Lost@ is a live version recorded in Chicago last summer (aka "the video version")
- Lost+ is a brand new version featuring a rap verse by none other than Jay-Z

You see what they did there ? Pretty clever ! Basically it doesn't affect the very high quality of this song, but in my opinion you're fine if you only own Lost!. That being said, the real good piece of news is the release of an EP named Prospekt's March between Nov 21 & 25 depending on where you live.

I can hear you asking "what is an EP?" (if you already know : good for you !). So here you go : those two letters stand for Extended Play (in opposition to LP, Long Play, album), and define a record with several tracks on it (like 5), so which is to short to be called an album, but contains too many to be called a "single".

Anyway, Prospekt's March will contain 8 tracks, so maybe we should call it a SEPSTSTBCAA (Super-EP-But-Still -Too-Short-To-Be-Called-An-Album). The tracklisting seems nice, but in fact there are only 5 proper new songs, the others being an instrumental track (or so I assume, given the title refering to the instrumental opener of Viva la Vida...), a remix and Lost+. Here it is by the way :

1. Life In Technicolor II
2. Postcards From Far Away
3. Glass Of Water (appearently they've been playing it on stage during their Viva La Vida Tour)
4. Rainy Day
5. Prospekt's March/Poppyfields (maybe 2 songs in one like Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love ?)
6. Lost+
7. Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Remix)
8. Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground

To be perfectly precise I should mention that the EP will be available alone (for those who have already bought VLVODAAHF) as well as on the new edition of the album, made of the 10 "old" tracks and the 8 "new" ones. And to be even more precise, I should add that the artwork goes on with the Eugène Delacroix-theme. Nice.

Just a side-note to finish : when are they going to let us hear their collaboration with Kylie Minogue, called Luna, which they judged "too sexy" to appear on the album ???!! Are they affraid it will cause riots everywhere ? Can this song make you all sweaty and turned on by the sole power of Chris Martin and Kylie's voices singing at the same time ??! I bet so... I've been dying to hear it for months now. Remember how amazing Coldplay's cover of Kylie's hit Can't Get You Out Of My Head was. I'm all sweaty and turned on just mentioning it... It was postardom heaven with a cherry of coolness on top of it. I still wish they put it on the EP as the hidden 9th track. Please Chris hear me.

The new video for Lost! (or is it Lost@ ??!!)

Coldplay's version of Can't Get You Out Of My Head, live at Glastonbury 2005

Découvrez Coldplay!

One I Love, one of my favourite Coldplay songs (it's a B-Side from the A Rush Of Blood To The Head-era)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sometimes a lot is better than nothing at all

Apart from being awesomingly freaking fantastic and Swedish, Robyn is very prolific. Her latest album Robyn keeps on giving and it's a good thing. Let's make a little recap of the singles :

1) Konitchiwa Bitches (amazing) video
2) With Every Heartbeat (amazing) video
3) Be Mine! (amazing) video
4) Handle Me (amazing) video
5) Who's That Girl (amazing) video
6) Cobrastyle (amazing) video
7) Crash And Burn Girl (amazing) video

Seriously, who has 7 (SEVEN!) potential singles on an album ??! I mean 7 hits, 7 great songs. Swedish popstars just know how it's done. That's all. Does "ABBA" ring a bell ? Ace of Base ? Aqua anyone ? No really, that Robyn can proudly say she has one of the 10 best pop records of the 21st century. (Note to self : make post about 10 best pop albums & singles of 21st century).
And by the way, even the non-single songs are great.

Oh I almost forgot. When I wrote she is "prolific", I meant it. The girl is constantly releasing videos for songs of hers. Yeah I know it seems normal as far as the whole "marketing campaign" is concerned, but I must remind you the album was first released in Sweden in 2005 ! Anyway she's got a great visual universe and her vids are always a pleasure to watch (see above, you're welcome).
Now she's getting ready to get a NEW single out there !! It's called Dream On, actually it's an old song that's been reworked (I think) and will be included on a re-re-re-re-release of her smash eponymous album in a few weeks. Unbelievable. See the video below, you're welcome again.

Apart from that I have to mention that two of her old songs (Keep This Fire Burning & Don't Stop The Music) are so marvellous that they are in my very personal top 100 of 2000-2008. Yeah. Like that. As you might have guessed by now, I like this woman's music very much.

I feel like putting a lot of Robyn's songs below, so here you go.

Découvrez Robyn!

Découvrez Robyn!

Découvrez Robyn!

Découvrez Robyn!

Découvrez Robyn!

Découvrez Robyn!

Découvrez Robyn!

Don't forget to buy Robyn by Robyn, now or when it's released for the 57th time. You can as well download it from Itunes or wherever else you like.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When amazing 1 + amazing 2 = AMAZING AMAZING

In my "random" post yesterday I forgot to write about another rock band I love : The Killers.

In fact I adore their first album Hot Fuss, which is still as amazing now as it was when it was released in 2004 (or was it 2005 ?). Their second album was not a favourite of mine although some songs were very decent.

Whatever, they're back with a new single Human off their upcoming album Day & Age (out Nov 24), and it's GOOD ! This time around they teamed up with Stuart Price (aka The Thin White Duke), the guy behind Madonna's fantastic Confessions On A Dancefloor album. The one who remixed Coldplay's Talk and so many more songs. The one that made France believe Starsailor were a dance artist since their only famous song there is the Thin White Duke Remix of Four To The Floor.

Well, good job Stu ! Human is some kind of electro-rock hell of a track, and a welcome comeback single for the band. As it was only released on Itunes a few days ago, it hasn't made much of an impact on the charts yet, but I'm sure it will give the band a well-deserved hit in the coming weeks. Anyway, have a listen below and tell me what you think !
Can't wait for the album...

Découvrez The Killers!

If you like the song, buy it on Itunes or anywhere else you like !

BTW, here is the video.

(Very) exciting day !

I wasn't quite expecting those two to leak a week ahead of their release, but they have ! At least I wasn't expecting to get them now. I'm talking about Snow Patrol's A Hundred Million Suns and The Saturdays' Chasing Lights. I haven't listened to SP's CD yet so I can't say anything. But The Sats' is rather good. Some are fantastic songs, some are great songs, some are good songs, some are not-so-good songs, and some are forgettable songs.

In fact :

- Fantastic songs on the Saturday's album Chasing Lights : 1 (Up, but the radio version, not the album version) + 1 B-side (Crashing Down, absolutely fantastic, should have been on the album BTW)
- Great songs on the Saturday's album Chasing Lights : 3 (If This Is Love, Work, Set Me Off)
- Good songs on the Saturdays' album Chasing Lights : 4 (Keep Her, Issues, Lies, Chasing Lights)
- Not-so-good songs on the Saturday's album Chasing Lights : 1 (Vulnerable)
- Forgettable songs on the Saturday's album Chasing Lights : 1 (Fall)

Basically the down-tumpo/ballads are not as good as the real pop mindblowingly exciting tracks. I bet you could have guessed that.

Well done The Saturdays anyway !

The Virgins do it better

There are very few things I love more than discovering great new music. Especially if it's on a TV show. Cause it combines two things I appreciate.
I'd better tell you know : I'm a huge Gossip Girl fan. It's got everything : a thrilling storyline, charismatic and incredibly handsome actors and actresses, complex characters, AND fantastic music. For the latter, the credit all goes to the one and only Alex Patsavas, who's GG's music supervisor. I must admit I discovered fantastic tunes while watching the show, and every episodes offers me something new and enjoyable. So thanks Alex. Calm down boys, I just learned she is a married woman (noise of glass crashing).
Anyway let's get back to The Virgins. I first noticed them when I heard Rich Girl on the show. I told myself I loved it, found it on the Internet, put it on my mp3 player and, I must admit, didn't look any further. I was probably busy with Roisin Murphy at that moment, who knows. Thank god record stores still exist cause two weeks ago I went CD-hunting, and guess what litterally fell into my hands : the Virgins's album !!!!!!! Yep ! Like a divine surprise.
I bought it of course and since then it's been playing a LOT.
First track She's expensive contains the words "let's have a cocaine brunch", which is fine by me, although I'd rather have bacon & eggs, thanks. It's an infectious rock track, which sounds perfect as a wake-up song. You know, when you've only slept for 3 short hours cause you had this party to attend but you must be at work in an hour (though "1 hour ago" would be more accurate). On your way to work, just put One week of Danger on, it's a great song to listen to while driving. Of course you'll need a convertible, sun, very expensive sunglasses and a latte. But I'm sure it works fine on the tube too. This song was featured on Gossip Girl, as was Rich Girls. This one's amazing.
Teen Lovers is a hell of a hit to me ! Remember your high school house parties, cheap booze, the occasional rock'n'roll-dancing-couple, that girl/guy you tried to make out with. It's all in this song, but in a shorter version (2:12). As I told you yesterday I recently developped a thing for songs with the word "murder" in their title. And surprisingly, there's a song called Murder on the Virgins album. And it's good. It's got some funny sounds at some point. Hey Hey Girl and the 3 other songs at the end of the CD are great too.
Below are the first three songs of the album for you to listen to. AND you can watch a video interview of Alex Patsavas to learn more about her dream job. I mean this woman goes to shows and searches music blogs for a living.

Découvrez The Virgins!

Découvrez The Virgins!

Découvrez The Virgins!

Don't forget to buy The Virgins' self-titled album through Itunes or anywhere else you like.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Random on Oct 21st

- Can't wait for the release of Snow Patrol's new album A Hundred Million Suns (Oct 27). Here's a video of them performing Take Back The City (new single) on Later...with Jools Holland. Sehr gut.

- Kaiser Chiefs' new album Off With Their Heads dropped out today, and I hadn't even noticed. How come I don't care at all, when I really loved their first two records ? Strange. I need to investigate that. Perhaps because the first single Never Miss A Beat (video here) is far from being awesome.

- Are you as surprised as I am about Razorlight's new single Wire To Wire (video here) ? I'm not sure what to think yet. Crap or brilliant ? Maybe brillantly crap. I have to decide. It's really unexpected. Anyway I'm excited for their new album (Slipway Fires, Nov. 3)
Update : I think I love that song.

- I only listened to it a couple of times, but Keane's latest effort Perfect Simmetry is not good. Apart from the first two singles (Spiralling and The Lovers Are Losing). Well there might be another decent song, I'll have to make sure when I'm done with Catfights & Spotlights.
Anyway I really love Is It Any Wonder?. Too bad it's on the band's previous album Under The Iron Sea.

- I need to check Dig Out Your Soul, Oasis' latest album, again. It sounded good when I played it while running around the house cause my suitcase for Barcelona was not ready even though I had to leave 2 hours later. Who knows, I might find a couple of good songs (besides The Shock Of The Lightning, which is only a 6/10 in my opinion).

- I know I shouldn't be, but I'm rather curious about that remix of Genie In A Bottle I partly heard Christina Sluttylera perform at last month's VMA. It sounded good, like a real reworking of the track. The original is great BTW, in a cheesy teen pop kind of way. Anyway she shouldn't release that ridiculous Greatest Hits of hers on Nov 10. Why ? I'll tell you why. You don't release a ten-track (+2 new ones, among which Keeps Getting Better, which I thought was good for only two days, and then was boring as hell -it took me two WHOLE days to figure it was a mash-up of Goldfrapp's Ohh la la, Sugababes Good To Be Gone, and another track I can't recall) album, omitting some singles, and with such an ugly cover picture. That's all, you simply don't do it.
This video is amazing : I think it's a tranny named Striperella performing exactly what Christina did at the VMA. Or maybe is it Christina? Chris', you know there's a problem when the tranny is looking better than you ! ;-)
If you want the real VMA performance, here it is ! Actually I'm really excited about that remix !

So what ?

Yeah, I was sure about that. I could have written it a week ago. Well technically I couldn't have cause that blog wasn't even existing. Whatever. Pink's new album (Funhouse, out on the 24th) is not as good as some would have us believe. It's got a couple of good tunes. Ok to be totally honest I haven't had the patience to listen to the album until the last track. So more on that later.
For now, remember how good 18 Wheeler (on Missundaztood) is :

Some more masculine post : Travis

Remember Travis ? Yes. Sing. Side. Flowers in the Window. Why Does It Always Rain On Me ? These are some of their biggest hits, to name a few.

This band was big around 2001 when they released The Invisible Band (right when I went on a class trip to Austria, how bizarre and unrelated). Then they became less big. They released another album (12 Memories) with great songs on it, but maybe with less instant-hits than on the the previous one.

Next thing I know, they released a new album (Ode To J Smith, in September) which flopped big time in the UK charts. Surprinsingly however the album is nothing but great. It's more "rock" but they haven't lost that sharp sense of melody-making. Well I really like that band. They're like good friends I had forgotten about but had good memories with, and then suddenly I recall why we were such good friends. First single Something Anything, if not perfect, is really enjoyable on a Monday night. Chinese Blues is really great, as is J. Smith. The guitare lines are not too aggressive but yet more punchy than what they got us used to. Overall the album goes on quite smoothly and before you know it you've hit the repeat button. A mi le gusta.

Découvrez Travis!

Découvrez Travis!

Découvrez Travis!

Découvrez Travis!

Above is the video for Something Anything. Low budget, it seems...

Buy Something Anything on Itunes or wherever you like.

I know, it's another girlband, but they have good songs

Lady and gentlemen (and trannies), meet The Saturdays. There are five of them, they are rather cute, they can sing (or so it seems), they love wearing dresses with different colours, and most importantly they have amazing pop tunes.

Découvrez The Saturdays!

This song above is their first single, they chose to name it If This Is Love which is clever since they say those words in the chorus. It spent some time in the British top 10 last summer, which makes it a minor hit. It contains a sample from an 80s song by Yazoo or something (pop-culture fact : the song was on the Rules of Attraction OST and is very good).

Well whatever now they are releasing both a new single and their first album respectively named Up ans Chasing Lights. Up is some kind of incredibly catchy pop song which makes you want to be a popstar and yell "Good evening London how ya doin'?" in a very popstarish way. Try it and tell me. Anyway here it is if you want to hear it :

Découvrez The Saturdays!

Good uh ?

Those Brits really now how to make a girlband. Think Spice Girls, All Saints, Girls Aloud, Sugababes and now The Saturdays. Of course, how many "Bellefire", "Atomic Kitten" or other one-hit-wonders / total flops, but still. I'm in a good mood (and finally know how to use those Deezer players) so here are my personnal favourites from the aformentionned bands :

Découvrez Spice Girls!

Découvrez All Saints!

Découvrez Girls Aloud!

Découvrez Sugababes!

Découvrez Atomic Kitten!

This being said, The Saturdays have other great songs, but I can't post them cause they're not on Deezer yet, but if you're interested you can surely find them easily on the web.

What can be said about the Sugababes' new album "Catfights and Spotlighs" ?

The amazingly amazing Sugababes have released their new album Catfights and Spolights.

First of all : it's REALLY GOOD. In a 7.5/10 kind of way.

Then :

- It has a "retro-yet-modern" sound overall. Think Duffy, Sharleen Spiteri, horns, Supremes, Jackson Five.
- It is really classy. Girls Aloud still manage to sound like Girls Aloud (ie. high-class escorts singing fantastic pop songs with nice voices), but here you can hear a difference between the way Push the button was sung and how Every Heart Broken sounds.
- The album's title is fun and sounds great when you say it out loud (who does ?), but I still can't see how it relates to the songs. Maybe they threw kittens at each other during the recording sessions, while being lit up by spotlights, to, you know, "deal with the pressure".
- No song on this album is more amazing than Denial (from last year's Change) or Freak Like Me (from Angels With Dirty Faces) are.
- Girls (live video here), the first single, is not the best song on C&S. You on a good day, Sunday Rain, Every Heart Broken and Sound of Goodbye are better.
- No Can Do, the rumoured second single, will probably do fairly well on the radio and the charts, but is not as good a Christmas single choice as Every Heart Broken would be.
- That About You Know "acoustic version" is useless. That said, it still is fantastic in its "normal" version. So if it reminds you of it and makes you go and listen to it, then it was a good idea to include that acoustic version on C&S. Got it ?
- The lyrics for Every Heart Broken are great, and fun.
- Every Heart Broken should have been named "Murder One", as initially planned. It sounds more exciting. (Note : a "murder" itself is NOT exciting, a song title containing that word can be. In the present case, it is.)
- The Ooh-la-la-la part in Nothing's As Good As You is very cool. As is the song itself. Very cool.
- Amelle is absolutlely amazingly fantastically hot right now, and so is her voice. I wish I met her in a smokey pub and bought her a pint of Guiness.
- Those three voices are really amazing together. I guess it's a good point for a girlband. But remember, it wasn't the case for, say, Atomic Kitten. Only one could really sing. One was hot. One was neither hot nor a good singer.
- It's a good thing Mutya Buena left the band three years ago. Amelle is far better, this lineup is the best, and now she gets the chance to make great songs on her own (so we have twice as many good songs, which is great).
- Hanging On a Star is not as bad as some might say. It is by no means fantastic. It would have fitted on Atomic Kitten's whateveritsname album in 2000. You can dance to it and sing along too, maybe.

Now a little ranking of the songs (#1 is my favourite), -it is highly probable that this will change over the coming weeks :

#1 - Every Heart Broken
#2 - Nothing's As Good As You / You On A Good Day
#4 - Sunday Rain / Sound Of Goodbye
#6 - Girls
#7 - No Can Do / Can We Call a Truce

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Découvrez Sugababes!

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A thought about Mya

I know it's a rather surprising way to begin this blog, but well you've gotta start with something right ? Yesterday I got to thinking about Mya, that sexy R&B singer who released an album called Fear Of Flying back in 2000 (yes, it's that old !). There were 3 great songs on it (Case of the ex, Free & Pussycats) and the rest was crap. Well I treated myself with 10 minutes of Mya and thought it was too bad she had vanished after a bad second album and that Lady Marmelade cover she was in (from the Moulin Rouge OST) -she was the only one not looking like a complete tranny BTW.

Then believe it or not, I later on read about a new Mya single, called Welcome to Paradise. Let me say something : it sucks big time. It's nothing more than some bland and uninspired R&B even Ashanti would be ashamed of. That tells it all I guess.

Give us a new Free, baby.

Découvrez Mýa!

Découvrez Mýa!

Découvrez Mýa!