Saturday, January 03, 2009

The first good British girlband of 2009

Do we need a new British girlband for 2009? Probably not. Do we need a new British girlband with a great track? Who doesn’t?
Ladies and gentlemen, The Silhouettes. Behind this rather dull name are three ladies (Tania, Yulanda and Helen) singing “soul”. Yes, soul is everywhere; we all know that. And now it’s even got to girlbands. Well, mind you, their song Surrender, is really good. It was produced by none other than Richard Stannard (if you need a little help from Wikipedia, here it is) and sounds like a crossover between Amy Winehouse and The Saturdays, if that’s even possible. In other words, you should check it for yourself, but I bet you’ll enjoy it.
Let’s see what 2009 will bring for these ladies, but, just like that, I’d say “a top 10 hit”.

You can also check the girls' Myspace for more info.

Surrender - Silhouettes

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