Monday, January 12, 2009

Girls Aloud have a new single coming out!

The last time I wrote about Girls Aloud was last year, so I guess it’s no problem if I do so now!
The girls are releasing the follow-up to their huge hit The Promise today Jan 12 in the UK, and it’s called The Loving Kind. As you might know it’s the result of the collaboration between Xenomania and The Pet Shop Boys. As you might also know it’s not the best track on their 5th album Out Of Control (now officially their most successful studio record to date, with more than 600 000 copies sold in the UK since its release in October 08), but it’s not the worst one either. It’s basically good, but not as good as Love Is The Key or Untouchable for example.

What’s interesting with this song is the B-Side it’s coming out with, called Memory Of You. I don’t know why it was originally named Japan, but I’m sure there’s some deep mystery involved. Anyway this song is properly great in its own right, but a little too similar to Untouchable, Love Is Pain or Turn To Stone. I guess that’s the reason why it isn’t on the album. Yeah, right, it was such a better idea to include We Wanna Party on it.
So it’s a nice electro/pop track with evanescent vocals and a chorus that sticks to your mind at first listen. But if you want to own it, you'll have to buy the 7” picture disc which is exclusively sold on the girls’ website (link). As I’m nice and all, you can hear it here on It’s Pop!.

Along with this comes another treat for GA fans, in the shape of a Megamix, starting and ending with a bit of “Stars on 45”, and which is a good reminder of how great their back catalogue is. Plus, it’s 7 minutes and 30 seconds long. This one can be purchased on CD. Good point.

By the way if you want to see the girls perform live, you’d better hurry up because almost all the dates are sold out. This is going to be their biggest tour yet, with no less than 32 scheduled concerts across the UK and Ireland, including five nights in London. For tickets click here.

Buy The Loving Kind + Remixes & Megamix on iTunes, 7digital, Amazon UK etc.

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