Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy B-Day Baby!

Just a little post to celebrate Britney's ...Baby, One More Time's 10th birthday. The album and its huge eponymous lead single were released 10 years ago, on January 12th 1999...
It made me feel awfully old, since I perfectly recall where I was and what I was doing 10 years ago... What about you?
Just to remind you, the album sold 25 million copies worldwide, spawned 5 hit singles and led to what now is one of the biggest careers in contemporary pop music.
She might be trashy, unable to sing live, relying on top producers too much and clearly not ready yet for a big comeback, but let's just say congrats to Brit (and more importantly the team behind her) for still being here and for still delivering great pop songs. Lately I've been addicted to Lace and Leather (off the Circus album), I must admit. I also think she owns some of the best pop songs of the past 10 years.
So it's high time for some shameless Britney Spears listening, thanks to the playlist below. Don't we all need some good old Britney from time to time?!

Découvrez Britney Spears!

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