Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some freshly squeezed pop news

Dead Cat
The Catfights and Spotlights era is over for the Sugababes. Their latest album is officially a disaster, with only 4 weeks in the top 50 and only two singles. Girls outperformed, only reaching #3 on the UK charts while their second release No Can Do peaked at #23, falling last Sunday at #36. There apparently are no plans for a third single, although some songs like Every Heart Broken or You On A Good Day would be hits.
There really was a huge promotion mishandling from their label, from the single choices to the videos, the promo performances, the media handling etc.
The girls will start recording their new album in the coming weeks, with Rihanna ans Beyoncé’s producers. Let’s hope the girls bounce back well with huge hits in the future.

U2 on the Horizon
U2’s new album will be released on March 2nd! It’s called No Line On The Horizon and the first single will be Get On Your Boots. It will be played on the radio for the first time on Monday Jan 19 (next Monday!!!). Can’t wait! It supposedly picks up where Vertigo left off. Expect big drums and guitars and a great chorus. In other news, a world tour is said to begin in early summer in Europe. Get ready for tickets!
And, last but not least, Bono & co. will give their new single its first live play at the BRIT Awards in London on Feb. 20th! THIS is going to be a show opener!

Everyday is Saturday(s)
The Saturdays
seem to be enjoying some good time, probably making the most of the Sugababes’ momentary weakness. They scored their third top-10 single in a row when Issues entered the UK charts at #6 last Sunday. They’re really hot right now, let’s hope it goes on this way, we need more pop bands in the charts! The follow-up to issues is Work, another sure-fire hit.

Découvrez The Saturdays!

Life In Coldplaycolor
From what I saw on the BBC Radio 1 playlist, Life in Technicolor II has been chosen to be Coldplay's next single. From instrumental on Viva La Vida to epic pop song on Prospekt’s March EP, it seems like a good choice. I still can’t understand why Lost! wasn’t a real hit, as great as it was. Here’s what the video is going to look like. It will premiere on Jan 20th. The single will be released on Feb 2nd along with a previously unheard B-Side (The Goldrush), and a version of LIT II live from the O² Arena.

Here is the video which won the contest the band launched through their website a few weeks back. The idea was for fans to create a video for the acoustic version of Lost?. It’s kind of good, isn’t it?

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