Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spotify makes life better

Thanks to holy Popjustice, I made a great discovery today, that I'm sure you'll love if don't already know about it. What is it, you are asking. SPOTIFY. S.P.O.T.I.F.Y.
Spotify is a music streaming device which allows you to play as much music as you want for free, thanks to an iTunes-lookalike player you need to install, and of course an internet connection. The great thing is it's legal and you can basically find anything you want.

Tangible examples:
- Britney: 410 references, check
- Madonna: 906 references, check
- Beethoven: 7225 references, super-check
- Morcheeba: 208 references, check
- The Eagles Of Death Metal: 33 references, check (more on that band soon!!)
- Caught In The Act* (yes ladies & gents, CITA!!!!) [Youtube, Wikipedia]: more references than there should be, booo

Well my point is, Spotify has almost anything you want to hear, it's free, very easy to use. Oh you just have to listen to an ad every hour or so. So far, I haven't heard any, after 1 hour using it.

Here is a link to install it on your computer. Hope you like it!

*CITA: I was looking for the worst thing I know in terms of "music", and that's what I came up with. Some awful boyband which was very successful in Hungary when I was living there. And there you have it! Please don't judge me for recalling that! What's the worse thing in the video I wonder? The blue lipstick? The t-shirts they're wearing? The song itself?

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