Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank you friends: The Green Olive & Meiko

Recently two of my friends suggested new artists to me, and I can only thank them because their suggestions were more than interesting.

First, and for this I'll thank Nico, here's a French band from Lyon called The Green Olive. Like the Beatles they're four guys and like the Beatles they're into poppy rock'n'roll with lots of great melodies, catchy choruses and nice vocal harmonies. They've been touring quite a lot in the past years, though it seems the band are having a break right now. Anyway their music is still out there, so check it on their Myspace page or on Deezer (link), where the whole album is available for streaming. Below is It's Alright, a tune I really like. Hope you feel the same!

Découvrez The Green Olive!

Then there is Meiko, suggested by my friend Pauline. Meiko is an American indie pop/folk singer and songwriter from LA. Her music is nice and refreshing like a warm day out on the beach in California, or something like that! At first she independently released her self-titled debut album back in 2007, before being signed to Myspace Records/DGC. So the album was re-released in June 2008 in a re-worked version and also including a new song, Boys With Girlfriends.
This tune (video below) is clearly a highlight of the last few months and probably of the coming ones. It was featured in an episode of Grey's Anatomy (S5E09). Meiko is the kind of artists you really feel deserves major success because she's got everything. So hopefully 2009 will be her year and she'll be able to show all of her talent at a worldwide level!

The Green Olive's Myspace
Meiko's Myspace - Buy Meiko's album on iTunes

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Anonymous said...

Wow - Meiko is AMAZING!! Thanks for the tip! I just bought her album on iTunes - and it's only $4.99 too - yipeee!!