Monday, January 19, 2009

Three videos that will probably make your life better

Tonight is You Tube night! Here are three videos that are awesome for various reasons. I bet at least one of them will make you smile if not laugh...

First is French singer and local Idol winner Julien Doré at the 2009 NRJ Music Awards, which took place yesterday in Cannes. At usual the show was awful and ridiculously bad (lame jokes, terrible hosts, unfair voting etc.) but thank God Julien Doré performed his song Les Limites in a remixed version, with a hot choreography highly reminiscent of Britney's show at the 2001 VMAs with the snake and everything. It's great to see a singer not take himself seriously, especially in such a boring award show. Below is the original version of the song. His debut album Ersatz is really good and is definitely worth a listen even if you don't understand french.

Découvrez Julien Doré!

Video for Les Limites (really good!): here
Britney's I'm a slave 4U VMA performance: here

I found this video on that excellent blog Discopop, and instantly thought it was amazing. It's a comedy troupe called The Axis of Awesome (how great is that name?!) proving the world that all pop songs are basically built on a 4-chord sequence. Instead of being immensely depressing ("what???!!! pop is a big rip off??!") it's really funny and sooooo true! You will probably not listen to these songs the way you used to, but anyway it's must-see!

Finally is a really fun song called Jizz In My Pants, by The Lonely Island. I don't need to say anything else than give it a try! Thanks sis' for that!

PS: can you find Justin Timberlake in the video?

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