Saturday, January 03, 2009

Toni Braxton has a good song (for real!)

I feel like giving Toni Braxton a shout-out. Remember her? Well I at least remember her super-hot He wasn’t Man Enough from 2000, which I sometimes stumble on when my music is playing on random mode. If you think it sounds like 2000, you’re right and you should watch the video (here) cause it’s hilariously awful and ridiculous in a 2008/2009 kind of way (except compared to a Mariah Carey video from nowadays).
That being said, and after a hiatus in her musical career (end of success, illness, Dancing-with-the-stars come-back), Toni’s supposedly back with that track called Get Loose, which sounds like 2009 Toni: true to her r&b roots, but with the poppy sound modern r&b most generally lacks. So it makes the song quite enjoyable and rather refreshing. Nothing spectacular though, but I admit I wanted to feature the woman on this humble blog. ‘Cause you know, I used to think she was hot.

Get Loose - Toni Braxton

He Wasnt Man Enough - Toni Braxton

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