Thursday, February 19, 2009

Girls Aloud finally won a Brit Award (for The Promise) -UPDATED!-

Girls Aloud, the most successful British girlband ever, had quite surprisingly never received the honours of the almighty BRITS... until tonight! The bitches stole the show AND won the much-wanted "British single" award for their huge hit The Promise. Congrats ladies. Nice feathers. Now please give them back to the Spice Girls, we know you stole them from their 2007/08 comeback tour...

The Spice Girls performing 2 Become 1 on tour vs. Girls Aloud's BRITS performance

The girls, right after winning !


The girls' next single has just been announced. It's Untouchable, the almost 7 minutes epic electro ballad from their #1 album Out Of Control. It will be released right at the start of their tour, on April 27th. Expect some great video & performances with this fantastic track!

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Babacar said...

I hope this group will never broke up. I could not bear 5 solo careers of these girls.