Friday, February 20, 2009

I've come to write about Ciara's Love, Sex & Magic feat. Justin Timberlake. How sad. (Not too sad in fact)

Right now there's not much I wanna write about... I mean my posts could easily consist of Girls Aloud & The Saturdays only, but I like myself some diversity so... Plus, I'm not desperate enough to be writing about Afida Turner ;) .
That said, I came across a new Justin Timberlake song a few months ago. It's called Magic, and sounded "good" on a scale from "any non-single song from Justified" (ie. atrocious) to "Sexyback" (ie. pop perfection). The thing is JT gave it to Ciara, that sexy R'n'B chick who had a two hits or so a few years ago. The girl seems to be struggling to make an impact at the moment, since almost every week I spot a new song from hers, even though no one seems to care. Well with the re-named Love Sex Magic and some remaining vocals from JT himself, she might have a hit on her hands. The song is just-over-the-average pop/R'n'B but it's really catchy, with good vocals and a pretty cool chorus. It's definitely not the song of the year, but at least it kept me busy today!
Listen to both versions of Magic below, and if you don't remember who Ciara is by listening to One-Two Step

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