Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meet Charlie Winston, and have a good day!

Had I not been sick the past few weeks, I would have written about this guy before he became a mainstreem act! But you can't always do what you want!
Charlie Winston is currently enjoying great success in France, with his first album Hobo comfortably sitting at #2 and probably getting to #1next week. For a guy who was perfectly unknown 2 months ago, that's a thing, especially in France, where it can take lots of time for an artist to make his/her way. Think about Amy McDonald, who entered the French top 10 more than a year after her album was released.
Having said that, I don't think I'll be proven wrong if I write that Charlie Winston will enjoy a great year. His fast and strong success at the very start of the year reminds me of Mika's two years ago. And just like him, he can rely on a great album.
Hobo is the kind of record you immediately fall in love with or hate. As for me, you probably guessed I belong to the first category. Winston safely plays on the folk-pop ground, but undeniably adds his own touch making each song very personal (Tongue Tied, to that extent, is great and funny). The first Single Like A Hobo, is a sure hit for the coming months, and deservedly so.
In Your Hands is a fantastic album opener and surely a future hit, and My Life As A Duck shows Winston's ability to make great melacholic songs. Soundtrack To Falling In Love or Generation Spent are among the best tracks, very subtle and beautiful.
It's pleasant to see that new artists can emerge and become big without much promotion. Let's say sometimes the music speaks for itself...

Here are a few tracks from Hobo, which you can buy on iTunes, Fnac etc.

Découvrez Charlie Winston!

The video for Like A Hobo:

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