Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A glimpse of Britney's Circus Tour!

Former trainwreck Britney Spears is starting her brand new Circus Tour in less than 24 hours in New Orleans! In celebration for that, her website leaked the official setlist and some shooting from the rehearsals. See for yourself first, I'll make a few comments just after.


Perez/Parade Intro
Circus (Funky Remix)
Piece of Me
Thunderstorm Segue
HOUSE OF FUN (Anything Goes)
Martial Arts Segue
Ooh Ooh Baby/Hot as Ice
If U Seek Amy
Me Against the Music (Bollywood)
Everybody’s Looking for Something Segue
Get Naked
Britney’s Hotline
Breathe on Me/Touch of My Hand
Break the Ice Segue
Do Something
SlaveDancer Solo Segue/Heartbeat Segue
Baby One More Time (Remix)
Womanizer (Extended Remix)
C ircus Reprise: The Bow

Now a few comments, based on the two elements below only:

On the footage:
- WOW!!!
- A cage!!!
- A whip!!!!
- Things & people flying all around!

On the setlist:
- Where the effing hell is Gimme More???!! Should I remind you it's Britney's best song ever??!
- Why so few songs from the Circus album?! What happened to Kill The Lights, Lace & Leather, Unusual You??!!
- No ballads. Great thing. Brit's ballads are boring and dull.
- Aren't there a little too many interludes (from a simple look of things)??
- Lots of Blackout songs (7) but NO TOY SOLDIER FOR EFF'S SAKE !!!!
- First & last song: "Circus". Very reminiscent of the Spice Girls Tour (also created by Jamie King) with Spice Up Your Life...
- Womanizer being "extended": great great great!! Who can get enough of the song anyway ?!!
- Baby One More Time "remix": probably amazing!

Can't wait to see what really happens in that Circus. Be sure I'll let you know. I might even upload my own footage, since I'm seeing the show in London on June 13!! Thanks AEG Live for offering the tickets!
PS: I'm almost ready to bet the setlist as we know it is not complete. From the rehearsal footage, at some point you can see a dancer dressed as a "soldier" on a "toy"/bike. And God knows neither Brit nor Jamie King are very subtile people... Plus at some point Brit pole dances...just like in the Gimme More vid...

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