Tuesday, March 03, 2009

If I Can't Have You: a great song by Kelly Clarkson

The usually quite dull Kelly Clarkson had on good reason for releasing her album All I Ever Wanted (released sometime in March, but avalaible since mid-February for those who know where to look for). What's that reason, you're wondering? Well, it has the shape of one of the most efficient and amazing pop/rock songs of 2009. It's called If I Can't Have You and it's pretty fantastic. Other than that, the album is boring as hell and the bitch should be reminded that except in The Magic World Of Singers From Quebec, "yelling", "shouting", "screaming" or "bellowing" don't mean "singing".
OK, I'll be fair and admit that the first single My Life Would Suck Without You is half-decent, so that makes 1 1/2 reason to be interested in that record. But if you are to spend money on a "record", buy the new U2 album instead (more on that later).

Anyway, here's the marvelous piece of work produced by Ms. Clarkson.

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