Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist rocks

Hey pop bitches, I'm back! I don't think I ever wrote about a movie before, but I feel like dooing so tonight. And I also feel like writing about more varied stuff in the future, but only if it's related to music. Well, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, as its tilte suggests, perfectly fits the bill! The movie's about two teenagers, the aforementioned Nick & Norah, who, during a night in NYC looking for a mysterious band, will discover they have more in common than their love for music.
At first, it seems like another teen movie with better music than usual. But in fact it's an extremely refreshing little movie, with great characters (both the two heroes and their friends - Caroline is da shit man!), really funny lines and extremely fitting soundtrack. Some scenes like the Christmas tranny band, the parking lot strip or the visit of the recording studio are destined to become classics. And, last but not least the actors are pretty great, very credible and likable (Michael cera, of Juno fame deserves to be huge in the years to come, same thing for Kat Dennings). Believe me you'll have a great time with this one, plus you'll probably discover some great tunes. What else could you possibly ask for?!
Here's the trailer for the movie

And here are some of my favourite songs from the soundtrack

Découvrez Chris Bell!

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