Monday, March 09, 2009

OK, something about U2's No Line On The Horizon, finally

I don't really feel like writing something huge about U2, although I like their latest record more than I thought I would. I'm just not sure what to think about its "charismatic" (ie. "not very charismatic to me") frontman Bono anymore. Nothing personal, (though I'd love to have a "personal reason" to dislike Bono, wouldn't you ?!) but he's been getting on my nerves lately acting in a "I'm God, I'm U2, I'm amazing" way.
Alright now let's talk about what U2 are about: music. If you're not aware they just released their twelveth studio album No Line On The Horizon, you might wanna get your sight/hearing checked ASAP. They're everywhere these days, even on the streets of NYC (literally !).
So is the hype deserved ? I remember being quite disappointed after the first listen of their previous album back in 2004, which didn't happen this time around. After hearing the 11 songs for the first time, I thought it was a fair deal. Which wasn't easy, given how reluctant first single Get On Your Boots made me towards the band's new material.
So once you've made it through that song, you're in for a nice moment. Opener No Line On The Horizon sets the mood quite well, whereas second track Magnificent gets you really excited.It's pretty amazing and is my favourite song on the record for now, but can repeated listens do it any good?! That remains to be seen. Other highlights include Moments Of Surrender, Unknown Caller, Cedars Of Lebanon. Being Born and White As Snow, etheral and soft as can be remind me of songs like One, which isn't necessarily bad. It's even quite good. Anyway I'll let you listen for yourself.
In other news, details about their new tour was announced today. They'll be taking the 360° Tour through Europe over the summer (first date Barcelona June 30/Paris Jul 11& 12/London Aug 14th etc) and in the US come fall. They'll be playing in stadiums only, but to prevent fans from getting a shitty show (which is often the case in stadiums, at least visually), the stage will be 360° visible. The fact that they'll also be able to sell more tickets is of course not important at all... For Europe the prices start at 30€, which, I must admit is quite cheap for a U2 show. Interestingly the band unveiled the tour stage, which I think is cool because I'm always dying to discover extravagant concerts stages, but, I must admit, killed the suspense and expectations. Anyway it's pretty massive and looks promising. Now I have to check it for real !
For more info, check the tour website and U2's official site.

Découvrez U2!

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