Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This is Sliimy. He's French. He's kinda cool.

In a world where Mika wouldn't exist, Sliimy could be totally original and amazing in his own right. Too bad, two years ago Life In Cartoon Motion happened and the world never was the same after that.
Once you've aknowledged this fact, it's easy to appreciate Sliimy, a French 20-year-old singer who's releasing his first album Paint Your Face on April 6. His first single Wake Up is a really nice pop song which will probably have some impact over the spring, because, clearly it's a spring-y song. It's fresh and instantly makes you wanna run in a field with a dog behind you and butterflies around, on a sunny day.
Apart from that, Sliimy gained some fame by covering Britney's Womanizer in a rather cool way. Mind you, even Perez Hilton heard of him.
I'm really curious to hear the album, I bet I'm gonna be listening to it A LOT in the months to come. So maybe I should thank Warner Music for giving us a not-very-good-looking Mika two years late. Score, guys!

Here's the video for Wake Up

Sliimy's Myspace

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