Monday, March 09, 2009

Will Kizzy Star drive you Out Of Control?

Basically, if Brandon Flowers (from the Killers), Gary Lightbody (from Snow Patrol) had a grown-up kid together, he would sing in a band called Kizzy Star. Nothing less!
In reality, Kizzy Star's frontman is Tony from Texas, the amazing Scottish I hope you know (if not: type texas in spotify -see here-, and enjoy). As their frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri was taking some time off the band to record and release an amazing first solo album (give it a listen ASAP!!), he started another band, called Kizzy Star.
The band recently toured the UK as Sharleen's support act on her Melody Tour, showcasing some potential hits many bands wouldn't deny. They released their first single Out Of Control on March 2nd, and I still can't understand why it's not in the upper part of the UK charts when Taylor Swift is at #5...
You can listen to 5 songs from the band on their Myspace, and by "you can" I mean "you have to go". It's nothing mor ethan very enjoyable pop music with guitars, with catchy hooks and choruses.
As I'm feeling pretty generous today, and I REALLY want the band to enjoy some well-deserved success, here's The Last Time, which will probably remind you of any recent Snow Patrol song. And that's not supposed to be mean.
For more information and music visit Kizzy Star's Myspace
Get Out of Control from Amazon, iTunes, 7digital or any other online music store.

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