Monday, April 27, 2009

Christophe Willem's video for Berlin (not set in Berlin, though)

I love Christophe Willem's new single Berlin, but not too sure what to think about its just-released video. It's funny, but quite unexpected given the style of the song. I guess that's the trick and it works pretty well.
I already wrote about CW a few months ago as he was finishing his second album. For those who don't know him, he won the French X Factor 3 years ago, released his first album Inventaire one year later with a few awesome tracks on it, went on tour for months, and decided to go all electro pop on his second record. That smart little man recently explained he felt frustrated that only women, and more precisely women singing in English had access to well-produced quality pop music and that he didn't get why male singers couldn't. Basically he wanted his own little Womanizer! That's why he flew to London to pick some to producers who worked with Kylie or Britney and brought several cool tracks back home. Among those, a re-worked version of Kylie's Sensitized with Ms. Minogue's vocals on it, a reject from Brit's Blackout with new, French lyrics etc. Can't wait to hear all this from May 25. All this has a LOT of potential, the guy being a genuinely talented artist with daring tastes, at least for a French male singer, and no fear of shocking his core audience. A welcome change!

Caféine will be in stores on May 25, and Berlin is already available as a download on or French iTunes.

Here's Kiss The Bride, a song in English which was on his first album. It's a live version slightly mashed-up with Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

I like his songs too : )
In fact, Christophe Willen won "La Nouvelle Star", the french version of American Idol

(i'm french)

Lo said...

Je suis français aussi, j'aurais sans doute du laisser le vrai nom Nouvelle Star ;) merci pour le commentaire en tous cas
Lo/ Itspop!