Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The curious case of Beyoncé Knowles

Yeah, a slutty & over-photoshopped picture. Cuz I can.

Reasons why I’ve always disliked Beyoncé Knowles as a solo artist, from a VERY objective and unbiased point of view:

- Bitch never bothers singing the Crazy In Love chorus whenever she performs it live. Frustration.
- She will never be able to topple her first single (a possibly one of the best pop singles of the 00s), the aforementioned Crazy In Love. Crushed expectations.
- Her live Destiny’s Child medleys are shit. She sings like 20sec of each song, whereas Bootylicious should always be performed in all its glory, and perhaps even in a 46min-long “extended mix”. Failed work of justice.
- She’s got disgusting taste as far as “fashion” is concerned. Blame her mother. Awfulness.
- Her live shows clearly lack the originality, edginess and craziness they should be about. A huge screen and nothing else is not a decent pop diva-sized stage set.
- She released her latest album on 2 CDs when one would have been sufficient, just for the sake of her concept. Not environment friendly.

Etc etc etc

That being said, I must say that after a few months of refusing to give it a proper listen, I’ve started to enjoy some of the songs on that I Am...Sasha Fierce album of hers. Of course, the ballads are dull, but the second CD (the “fierce” one) has some pretty good stuff on it. Like my latest obsession (as painful as it is to admit): Halo. Epic and perfect to sing in the shower. Sweet Dreams and Radio are rather (ie really) great too. Oh, yeah, and that Single Ladies song is enjoyable now that the hype surrounding it has finally passed.

PS: I was going to embed the Halo video, but in a very clever marketing move, it has been decided that it should not be made available for embedding. Congratulations to whoever is responsible for that.

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