Friday, April 17, 2009

Girlsbands war alert !!

Readers (all ten of you) !! Do you remember that post I made a few months ago about a new-British-girlband-you-were-going-to-like? Silhouettes, that was. Well I should probably have mentioned them again, saying they had a great song on their hands, according to the Myspace page (link). That song is called Keep You Head Up. Well if you look closely on said Myspace page, that properly amazing song is now nowhere to be seen.

Then today, reading about pop on the much-beloved Popjustice website, I read an article about a new girlband soon being launched by Fascination (home to Girls Aloud & The Saturdays, dream job for me). Those three ladies go by the name of Girls Can't Catch (WTF ??!) and seem to be of "proper girlband quality" base don the picture above. They'll be opening for labelmates Girls Aloud on their upcoming UK Tour. Well the Popjustice article (which you can read here) mentions two songs of theirs, one being Keep Your Head Up. And by the lyrics it is the same song as Silhouettes'.

So my idea is that the song was offered to Silhouettes first, but later taken by GCC. So naturally, the already-recorded version had to be removed from the Sils Myspace... I'm curious to hear the Girls Can't Catch version though. Well, as they say, when the song's good, it doesn't matter who sings it.

Anyway it's gonna be a busy year on the British girlbands front. Which of course means "a freaking exciting year" to me. The end.

Here is the Silhouettes version of the track, so you can get an idea of how amazing it is.

If you happen to own the copyright to this song and want it removed even though it's just here for streaming and information purposes, please send me an e-mail and I'll comply to your request.
Here's a pretty acceptable video of Girls Can't Catch performing Keep Your Head Up at G.A.Y. in London last weekend. Now you know.

And if you click on that link, you'll be able to watch GCC perform another (good) song of theirs, called Happy Alone


Anonymous said...

I'm S Peerunthron from thailand.
thank you so so much for being a guide pop for me....i'm a totally POP POP person from Thailand.

I will be a menber in your facebook....very nice to know u as new friend.

May i download file as Silhouettes version of keep your head up.

i also like its version. i already have girls can't catch version.

Big thank you agin.


Lo said...

Hi !
thanks for your kind words.
could you send me Girls Can't Catch's version on Keep your head up ? use my email address
I'll send you the Silhouettes' version on mp3.

Loïc, admin of It's Pop!