Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Boots, Little Lady, Huge Talent

Yesterday (Wed April 22nd), I was lucky enough to stand one metre away from 2009’s pop sensation, Miss Victoria Hesketh a.k.a. Little Boots. With the release of her first album Hands being imminent (June 1), promotional work has already begun. On Monday and Tuesday she opened for the Ting Tings in Paris, and on Wednesday she performed an 8-song set at legendary night club Le Régine.
Taking the stage a little after midnight, Victoria, her drummer and keyboard player kicked things off with Earthquake, probably one of her most efficient tracks, an electro-pop belter which really got things going. After saying greeting the audience with a very cute “bonsoir Paris, je suis Petit Bottes” (“Good evening Paris, I’m Little Boots”), she went on with the wonderful Meddle, soon followed by a new track from her upcoming album, Tune Into My Heart, which makes me believe that Hands is going to me a real masterpiece. The fourth track of the set was the delicious Mathematics, which clearly stands out with its funny lyrics based on something that used to not make me happy: maths. Then she introduced two new songs I had never heard before, Symmetry and Remedy, two heavily electro bangers strongly influenced by Goldfrapp’s style (think Strict Machine or Ooh La La). I immediately loved them anyway!

As the end of the got nearer and nearer, she performed her first proper single, New In Town, which I hope is going to be big in the charts, even though to me it wasn’t the most obvious choice to make for a first single. But still, it has some potential, even more when performed live. Of course, the last song of the set was Stuck On Repeat, which was played in its extended version, much to the audience’s pleasure. This track is a great summary of 2009’s electro-pop vibe. It’s extremely simple yet very cleverly built. This song has “hit” written all over it, so I really hope it gets released as a proper single later.

Sorry for the super crappy video & pics...!
Overall it was a great and very promising show, which made me even more certain that Little Boots is THE artist of 2009, and probably many years after that. Victoria proved she could take a stage and rock it for 30 minutes. Plus, her voice is really strong and and now I can’t wait to see her perform a proper headlining show, hopefully very soon. For now, bring on the album, Boots!

In other news, Little Boots covered the already amazing Rich Girls by The Virgins, turning it into Rich Boys and giving it a welcome electro spin that would make any boy, poor or rich melt! Get it fast, I’ll take the link down in 48 hours.

Here is New In Town, in case you haven’t heard it yet…

And finally, another great cover, of Sugababes’ classic Overload. Victoria filmed herself in her hotel room in Berlin, switched her Tenorion on and delivered this rather amazing version of the track. Enjoy guys!
Little Boots - Overload (Sugababes cover)

Don’t forget, New In Town will be released on May 25, while the album Hands will be yours from June 1.

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