Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paolo Nutini's sweet Candy

Three years ago a nice Scottish guy looking more like a boy than a man, called Paolo Nutini arrived in the musical landscape with a simple and fresh-sounding collection of songs called These Streets. The fact he and James Morrison appeared almost simultaneously on the scene means they have often been compared. True, they share some similarities, the main one being their musical style. They both make human-sized pop songs with a slightly rock & folk edge. Basically they both are nice guys making pretty enjoyable music. But with Morrison releasing his second record a few months before him, it's possible that the excitement surrounding Nutini sort of faded in the past months, while he was recording in new album, Sunny Side Up (out June 1). But with the very promising first single Candy, it's very possible that things are gonna change for the better. Candy is a a fresh pop/folk song, as warm and nice as a sunny spring day. This might not be a revolution as far as music is concerned, but, better than just candy, it sure has the taste of a ...hum... let's say a passion fruit macaron with a glass of cold mango smoothie. Yummy!

Above is the video for Candy

Below is a little playlist of some of Paolo's songs, including his first single Last Request, a great cover of Amy Winehouse's Rehab, a duet with French singer Zazie called Duo (from her 2006 album Totem), and three joyous and more up-tempo tunes, Jenny, News Shoes and Halloway Grove. Enjoy!

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