Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Short concert review : Julien Doré

It was great, people.

OK, I'll develop that a little: ...Julien Doré won French Idol (Nouvelle Star en français dans le texte) 2 years ago...became famous for his rather cool performances ...first post-Idol single was a cover of Alizée's fantastic Moi Lolita but in a rather original version...released first album Ersatz in June 2008...really (I mean REALLY) good job with this record...started touring La belle France at the end of mum (!) took me to his concert last week.

Mr. Doré proved he's a real showman, with a nearly 2-hour long set, reprising most of his first record, and adding some pretty fierce covers to the mix. He demonstrated a true sense of showmanship, surrounded by really good musicians and a rather fun yet surprising stage setting. All in all I had a lot more fun than I thought I would, so thank you mum for that ! Here and there are not-so-good pics I took with my brand new sexy phone, as well as a video of Julian's single Les Limites.

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