Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeah(s) Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

One of my latest musical obsessions comes in the shape of a girl/boy american three-piece band. You might have heard about Yeah Yeah Yeahs if you're a Gossip Girl fan (or former GG fan like me) because they were featured once or twice on the show last year. Otherwise you might know them simply because you're cool.
They released their third album It's Blitz last week, and so close from Easter, all I can say is "Thank God". Plus the cover art features an see what I'm trying to say here : egg...Easter album. It's all karma, guys!

Anyway, whereas their previous efforts were clearly garage-rock infused, their new material is more electro-rock influenced. For the better, I mean. Their sound gained complexity, edginess and is much more exciting than before. The album opener and first single Zero clearly is one of the best songs of 2009 so far, being very simple and complex at the same time, but anyway VERY likable. Second track Heads Will Roll, if not only for its title (which reminds me of the poster catchphrase for Tim Burton's movie Sleepy Hollow!), is one hell of a song. I'll let you get a taste of the rest, cause I'm not going to find enough different ways to say "amazing".

For more info, check their website & Myspace page. Lots of funny stuff on there.

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