Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sometimes life is great...

...and it especially was on January 13, 1989 when Julian Perretta was born. Yes, he's that young, it's unfair. And he's damn cute. He seems like a very nice guy to hang out with. And last but not least, he's very, very talented. Basically we should all hate the guy. But let's be more clever than that and aknowledge the fact that he's just a better guy than we are.
More seriously, JP has been causing quite some buzz this past few months on the internet, escially since superblogger Perez Hilton decided to love him. And rightly so! His debut album is released to be scheduled next summer, and judging from what I heard, it's gonna be GREAT. A bit like a Eric Hutchinson for 2009.

In quite a clever marketing move, his team (or is it him I wonder) decided to give away one of my 5 favourite songs of 2009 as a free download through his website. Ride My Star, for it is its title, is just a perfect pop song. It has a killer chorus AND amazing verses, which is rarer and rarer nowadays, isn't it.
Make sure to check his website, Myspace page, and why not his Twitter (he's a heavy and likeable twitterer). More on him very soon.

PS: just as if all of the above wasn't enough, he's opening for Girls Aloud on their Out Of Control Tour starting tomorrow. Grrrr.

Ride My Star

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