Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's easy to be angry...

...and I often am, but here are reasons to be joyful and to happily wait for the coming months.

- Kylie is currently working with Xenomania on the follow-up to her tenth album X. In case you don't know who Xenomania are, I'll tell you. They're simply the duo of producers behind all of Girls Aloud's 20 top 10 hits as well as their last 3 albums. So it's kind of an understatement to say that I can't wait to hear the results of those recording sessions. FYI, they worked on Kylie's already amazing Giving You Up, off her Ultimate Kylie greatest hits compilation back in 2004. Promise-ing!
- Muse will be back on September 14th with their highly anticipated new album called The Resistance. I've always loved this band, and hopefully their new record, which is said to be "very orchestral", will live up to my expectations! Plus they'll be on tour from October 22nd. Tour dates here.
- Madonna's super hot Sticky & Sweet Tour, which second part starts in London on July 4th, will be shown on UK channel Sky1 at the same date. This means it will be all over the internet the following day ;-). A good deal for those not lucky/wealthy enough to purchase a ticket! BYW, the same will applies to Girls Aloud's Out Of Control Tour later in the summer. Yay!

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Je fais vite, car franchement pour une fois il n'y a pas grand chose à traduire. Juste histoire de vous donner quelques bonnes nouvelles, qui me donnent envie d'avancer dans le temps. Kylie qui enregistre son futur album avec Xenomania (producteurs de Girls Aloud), Muse qui sortent leur nouvel album en septembre, et le Sticky & Sweet Tour de Madonna ainsi que le Out Of Control Tour des Girls Aloud qui seront diffusés cet été à la télé anglaise. Elle est pas belle la vie ?

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