Thursday, October 22, 2009

Here's Marina And The Diamonds' video for Mowgli's Road: very nice

Marina And the Diamonds is an artist I truly love. I can't wait for her debut album, due out in February 2010. After two amazing buzz tracks, I'm Not A Robot and Obsessions (click for vids), she's releasing Mowgli's Road as her first big single. The song is awesome and will hopefully be the hit she deserves. She's just released the simple yet brilliant video for it, which you can watch right below.
Marina is an artist you instantly know you're gonna like. She's fresh, clever, funny and those qualities show in her music. Her pop, which can be described as "indie" is absolutely modern in the best possible way, but also timeless. I have no doubt that her album will be in the same vein and will start the new year with a bang! Until then, enjoy the few tracks she's released, and mark your calendars, cause you'll hear about her again, a lot...

J'adore Marina And The Diamonds. Autant dire que j'attends son album, qui sortira en février, avec une certaine impatience. Après deux buzz tracks de très grande qualité (I'm Not A Robot et Obsessions), M. nous revient avec son premier vrai single, l'excellent Mowgli's Road. La chanson est fantastique et mérite amplement de devenir un tube. Et vous pouvez vous rendre compte par vous même que la vidéo qui l'accompagne est elle même superbe même si très simple.
Marina fait partie de ces artistes dont on sait instantanément qu'on va les aimer. Elle est rafraîchissante, intelligente et fun, des qualités qui transparaissent dans sa musique. Sa pop "indé" est totalement moderne, dans le meilleur sens du terme, tout en paraissant intemporelle. Son album sera sans aucun doute dans la même veine et nous permettra de bien entamer l'année. D'ici là profitez des titres déjà disponibles et notez dans votre agenda ce mini-événement, car vous entendrez encore beaucoup parler de miss Diamonds.


Paul said...

oh I love her. Her "Robot" song is currently one of my top choices for song of the year. This is almost but not quite as magnificent, which when all is said and done is still very good indeed. Hurrah.

thechemistryisdead said...

She's brilliant! Love Seventeen, Jealousy and The Outsider by her too. The video is amazing too.