Friday, February 20, 2009

Madonna or not Madonna?

Sorry, but as you can read in the comments, I'm not allowed to post the audio of Tiga's song. You know, in case it promotes the song... It would be soooo bad if people knew about this guy's music, which will eventually sell millions (MILLIONS) anyway...
Is it just me or has this post just lost its interest?!
Tiga, a DJ/Music producer/remixer from Canada has a new song out. It's called Shoes. It's pretty enjoyable, but that's not the reason I'm featuring it on the blog. As you can hear, the song features a female vocalist, whose voice resembles Madonna's QUITE a lot. For now it's unknown if the Queen of Pop-and-all-things-related actually lent her voice on the track, but if she didn't, she's clearly got a vocal twin!

This acticle gives me the opportunity to introduce a poll... Useless but funny nonethless. Vote!

Other than that, when is Madge going to stop trying to look 20 in overly vulgar photoshoots? Latest example: the Steven Klein-directed W photoshoot with her now-boyfriend Jesus Luz, 22...

I've come to write about Ciara's Love, Sex & Magic feat. Justin Timberlake. How sad. (Not too sad in fact)

Right now there's not much I wanna write about... I mean my posts could easily consist of Girls Aloud & The Saturdays only, but I like myself some diversity so... Plus, I'm not desperate enough to be writing about Afida Turner ;) .
That said, I came across a new Justin Timberlake song a few months ago. It's called Magic, and sounded "good" on a scale from "any non-single song from Justified" (ie. atrocious) to "Sexyback" (ie. pop perfection). The thing is JT gave it to Ciara, that sexy R'n'B chick who had a two hits or so a few years ago. The girl seems to be struggling to make an impact at the moment, since almost every week I spot a new song from hers, even though no one seems to care. Well with the re-named Love Sex Magic and some remaining vocals from JT himself, she might have a hit on her hands. The song is just-over-the-average pop/R'n'B but it's really catchy, with good vocals and a pretty cool chorus. It's definitely not the song of the year, but at least it kept me busy today!
Listen to both versions of Magic below, and if you don't remember who Ciara is by listening to One-Two Step

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Girls Aloud finally won a Brit Award (for The Promise) -UPDATED!-

Girls Aloud, the most successful British girlband ever, had quite surprisingly never received the honours of the almighty BRITS... until tonight! The bitches stole the show AND won the much-wanted "British single" award for their huge hit The Promise. Congrats ladies. Nice feathers. Now please give them back to the Spice Girls, we know you stole them from their 2007/08 comeback tour...

The Spice Girls performing 2 Become 1 on tour vs. Girls Aloud's BRITS performance

The girls, right after winning !


The girls' next single has just been announced. It's Untouchable, the almost 7 minutes epic electro ballad from their #1 album Out Of Control. It will be released right at the start of their tour, on April 27th. Expect some great video & performances with this fantastic track!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some news is Twitter style

1) The Saturdays did a cover of Depeche Mode's Just Can't Get Enough for charity. As amazing as you might have hoped. Download it from March 2nd.

2) Alesha Dixon managed to get her 2nd single Breathe Slow at #3 in the UK. Well done, given that it's far from being the best song on her album... Try Chasing Ghosts instead...

3) I'm not a huge fan of Lady Gaga's, but I must admit her song Love Game is catchy and rather great. Just for the line "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick", I figured I had to feature it on the blog. Plus the video is very Madonna...

It's Pop! is back on track!

I'm glad to be able to post again after a 4-week hiatus! Thanks to all of you who kept visiting during that time. Thanks for your comments too, it's always great to read them! There's a new way to follow the blog, since I created a Twitter account last week. If you're using Twitter already, start following It's Pop! by clicking on this link :
I don't know where it's heading, but it's another fun way for me to connect with my readers.
If you want to suggest new sound, or have anything to say, do so in the comments section, or by writing to

Mika will eventually release a second album (and that's a good thing)

The awesomeness that is Mika recently posted this video you might like if you don't hate him. If you can't stand him, you'd better not watch, cause he's being very Mika.
The good news is: the guy's at work on the follow-up to his 2007 pop masterpiece Life In Cartoon Motion, and from what we can hear, it doesn't sound like he's planning on leaving pop behind. Can't wait! I read somewhere the record will be released in May... We'll see about that.

Lily Allen's album is pleasant to listen to

Since I really don't like the girl, I won't be writing much more. Let's put it this way: she's probably as stupid as she's talented. She speaks waaaay too much to say ridiculous things and should sing more. In a perfect world, Lily Allen would only release albums, and never have to promote them at all.
Anyway, the very good tracks on It's Not Me It's You are: Everyone's At It, The Fear, Not Fair, Back To The Start and Him. The rest is good. So I guess it makes the album a 7,5/10 thing. Or maybe a 7, I'm not sure yet.

End of review.

PS: The Fear has a good video (link).

Meet Charlie Winston, and have a good day!

Had I not been sick the past few weeks, I would have written about this guy before he became a mainstreem act! But you can't always do what you want!
Charlie Winston is currently enjoying great success in France, with his first album Hobo comfortably sitting at #2 and probably getting to #1next week. For a guy who was perfectly unknown 2 months ago, that's a thing, especially in France, where it can take lots of time for an artist to make his/her way. Think about Amy McDonald, who entered the French top 10 more than a year after her album was released.
Having said that, I don't think I'll be proven wrong if I write that Charlie Winston will enjoy a great year. His fast and strong success at the very start of the year reminds me of Mika's two years ago. And just like him, he can rely on a great album.
Hobo is the kind of record you immediately fall in love with or hate. As for me, you probably guessed I belong to the first category. Winston safely plays on the folk-pop ground, but undeniably adds his own touch making each song very personal (Tongue Tied, to that extent, is great and funny). The first Single Like A Hobo, is a sure hit for the coming months, and deservedly so.
In Your Hands is a fantastic album opener and surely a future hit, and My Life As A Duck shows Winston's ability to make great melacholic songs. Soundtrack To Falling In Love or Generation Spent are among the best tracks, very subtle and beautiful.
It's pleasant to see that new artists can emerge and become big without much promotion. Let's say sometimes the music speaks for itself...

Here are a few tracks from Hobo, which you can buy on iTunes, Fnac etc.

Découvrez Charlie Winston!

The video for Like A Hobo:

Starsailor are back!

Starsailor are among those bands that never got the success and recognition they deserve. They’ve been around for 9 years now and they’re releasing their fourth album All The Plans on March 9th. The album leaked at the end of January, which is very early and probably not a good thing for their record sales, but it gave me the opportunity to get familiar with it way ahead of its release. And believe me, that’s not something I’ll ever complain about ! However, I bought 5 CDs last week to make up for the fact that I downloaded this one… !
If you’re familiar with Starsailor’s universe, you won’t be disappointed with All The Plans. But you won’t be surprised either. While this fourth effort is in no way exploring new paths or trying a new sound, it’s offering great songs in the vein of what they do best: uptempo pop-rock songs and subtle slower tracks.
Starsailor are clearly playing it safe on this one, returning to the comfort zone of their first two albums Love Is Here and Silence Is Easy, while their previous one On The Outside was a little more punchy and clearly focused on power rock anthems.
The fact the album opens with the first single Tell Me It’s Not Over is to an extent very consistent: it clearly shows the band is aiming at showcasing what they’ve been famous for. The song is a catchy starsailor-esque rock track which fits perfectly alongside Poor Misguided Fool, Silence Is Easy and In The Crossfire.
Boy In Waiting, The Thames and All The Plans contribute in the overall quality of the record by proving how good these guys are at nailing great melodies, while Stars And Stripes and You Never Get What You Deserve are other standouts. James Walsh’s voice really makes wonders on most of the songs. It’s clear and strong but you can hear fragility and delicacy at the same time.

If you pre-order the album on iTunes, you’ll get a five-track EP made of songs that didn’t make the cut on All The Plans.
The single, Tell Me It’s Not Over, will be available on March 2nd in the UK, in various formats and with 2 B-Sides (In Their World and All The Plans which is a reworked version with Ronnie Woods from the Rolling Stones on guitar). This time around the band also asked Stuart Price (aka Jacques Lu Cont or The Thin White Duke, the mangenius behind Madonna’s Confessions On A Dancefloor) to remix the single, just as he did for Four To The Floor, turning it into a huge club hit and an #1 hit in France!

Don’t forget to buy All The Plans on March 9th through iTunes, 7 Digital or any record shop. Side note: CDs are way too cool to die. I want to be able to buy some all my life.

Here is the video for Tell Me It’s Not Over

Some great Starsailor tracks from their previous albums, in case you don’t know the band! Unfortunately not all tracks are available on Imeem, so it's not as complete as I hoped it would be... Anyway check their great cover of Sugababes' Push The Button, as well as some tracks from All The Plans.