Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Who factor

Earlier today, I thought about something that’s been tickling me for quite some time. Do you ever feel that some songs you love didn’t get the exposure, success and recognition they deserved? Well, I often do.

Whereas in most cases, a success is a subtle mix of luck, of good promotion, of being “at the right place at the right time” and of a consistent answer to the public’s expectations and taste of the moment, I also think that sometimes, the “who” factor is crucial. What I mean is sometimes, no matter how good a song is, if it’s not sung by the “right” artist, it can be completely unnoticed. This is often the case with artists whose careers have been long and successful in their first years. People kinda lost interest in them and therefore, anything they release fails to make the impact the song/album objectively deserves.
Of course the assumption that “if the song is good, it will be successful no matter what” is valid, yet I’m sure it has its limits. Unconsciously if the artist isn’t as hype as he/she used to be, people will tend to judge their work with a rather biased eye. Like “well it must be like the stuff he/she released before” or “oh, him/her again! How boring!”.
Does all this mean that we’re too focused on the packaging and not enough on the content? Is the content not worth a try even if we’re not attracted to who’s behind it? I must admit I’m really curious on that matter, both as a (sometimes biased but often unprejudiced) music lover and as a former marketing student. Is that why the image is so predominant in music?

Making that “who” factor even bigger are the labels’ choices concerning marketing budgets. The more important the promo campaign, the bigger the impact. Well unfortunately the big campaigns are most of the time for big names, whereas smaller acts in need of exposure would benefit a lot more from a big push. So there again, the natural selection of which song or album becomes a hit is considerably biased from the start.
Thank God our time has brought a whole lot of promotion tools on which major labels have little influence, such as blogs, web radios, forums etc. This new order of things (anyone being able to say what they like or hate, and being potentially heard by the whole world) seem to be a pain in the ass for some music execs, unfortunately. How many e-mails have I already got, telling me not to even write about an artist? Even without saying how crazy this is in terms of freedom of speech, I find that pretty incredible that the majors still didn’t get that an uncontrollable promo campaign is now part of the game…

Now let’s play a little game to illustrate all this, taking examples of songs recently featured on It’s Pop!. What if…
- Coldplay had recorded Starsailor’s Tell Me It’s Not Over?
- Kylie’s latest single had been Little BootsStuck On Repeat?
- SugababesNo Can Do had been a Girls Aloud single?
- Kizzy Star’s Out Of Control had found its way on the latest Killers album?
- Roisin Murphy had submitted some of her latest singles to Kylie?
- Rihanna had any of Madonna’s Hard Candy songs on her own album? (as if she needed more hits…!)

I could go on like this for hours. Instead I’m asking you, dear readers. What song do you think should have been a hit but missed the train to success for any reason?

Competely unrelated, but fun anyway: remember that Britney "My pussy is hanging out!"-thing from a few weeks ago? Well, some guy made a fun song out of it. Download it here!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Girls Aloud - Untouchable (video premiere)

I know! Another post about Girls Aloud! I can't help it they're like a drug. Well they just premiered their new video for Untouchable, their 21st single, and hopefully their 21st UK top 10 hit. Or should I say their future number one. With such a hot song and vid, it would be a shame if they didn't set the charts on fire.
They look absolutely hot in this space-ship themed vid, which will probably not be remebered as the best music video ever made, but will do the trick. As I often say: leather+catsuits make great popstars. xx

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist rocks

Hey pop bitches, I'm back! I don't think I ever wrote about a movie before, but I feel like dooing so tonight. And I also feel like writing about more varied stuff in the future, but only if it's related to music. Well, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, as its tilte suggests, perfectly fits the bill! The movie's about two teenagers, the aforementioned Nick & Norah, who, during a night in NYC looking for a mysterious band, will discover they have more in common than their love for music.
At first, it seems like another teen movie with better music than usual. But in fact it's an extremely refreshing little movie, with great characters (both the two heroes and their friends - Caroline is da shit man!), really funny lines and extremely fitting soundtrack. Some scenes like the Christmas tranny band, the parking lot strip or the visit of the recording studio are destined to become classics. And, last but not least the actors are pretty great, very credible and likable (Michael cera, of Juno fame deserves to be huge in the years to come, same thing for Kat Dennings). Believe me you'll have a great time with this one, plus you'll probably discover some great tunes. What else could you possibly ask for?!
Here's the trailer for the movie

And here are some of my favourite songs from the soundtrack

Découvrez Chris Bell!

Monday, March 16, 2009

On how amazing Untouchable is (Girls Aloud's Dancing On Ice Live Performance)

Girls Aloud performed their new single, Untouchable, for the first time on Dancing On Ice yesterday evening. This reminded me how freaking fantastic this song is. The radio edit (3min shorter than the original) is quite good, but nowhere as great as the album version.
The song is released on April 27th. Get ready for a massive hit.
On a side note: how awful does Dancing On Ice seem, based on this video??!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Britney Spears' If U Seek Amy Video

This will probably be the last Britney-related post for some time, so enjoy you B-Bitches!
Here's her brand new video fot the third single off her Circus album, If You Seek Amy... Yeah, if you pronounce it slowly, it makes "F.U.C.K. Me" bla bla bla. Already heard about the controversy? Well, you'll be pleased to see the wink made in the video towards those conservative twats who labeled the song "obscene" in the first place. Enjoy this cool and funny video! Britney-bitch clearly is on top form, y'all!

Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy (High Quality)
envoyé par wonderful-life1989

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reminder about Starsailor's new album All The Plans

I know I've already written something about Starsailor's new album a few weeks ago, but it was released just yesterday, so I wanted to remind you to get it ASAP. It's really good. You can preview all the songs on the player above.

Buy All The Plans from the following retailers:

Starsailor's online store
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Fnac Music

It's mash-up o'clock, bitches!

(how Perez of me...)

Regularly, as I'm cruising on the web looking for fresh music for my big ears, I find amazing tracks in the shape of mash-ups. For those who don't know, a mash-up is a mix of two or more songs which share similarities, resulting in a new track which showcases the best of each original track. Great mash-ups are relatively rare, but recently I found some amazing ones based on great pop songs. And sometimes it even works with two songs from the same artist, as you will hear with the Britney tracks. I hope you'll enjoy those!

Rachel's Stevens Sweet Dreams My LA Ex vs. Goldfrapp's Strict Machine

Roisin Murphy's You Know Me Better vs. Little Boots' Stuck On Repeat (Beware! High level of amazingness)

Spice Girls' Who Do You Think You Are vs. Britney & Madonna's Me Against The Music

Madonna's Music vs. S Club 7's Don't Stop Movin'

Britney's Gimme More vs. Britney's Circus

Youtube to remove all music videos: WTF??!!!

Basically, some people thinking that You Tube isn't a great way to promote artists on a large (ie worldwide) scale have decided to apply some pressure on said YT. Since no agreement has been reached on how to retribute artists for their videos being posted on the website for your streaming pleasure, YT have decided to remove all premium videos, starting today...
Yeah, right, so then what will YT be useful for? Watching some pervs covering some Vanessa Hudgens song with a only speedo on? Laughing at some fat kids impersonating Beyoncé and trying to do the Single Ladies dance routine? Freaks giving their opinions on life? That will SURE be great.


For more accurate info, read the article on the NME website
And if you have any, feel free to leave comments!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Britney's pussy problem in Tampa, FL

Sometimes life is just wonderful. Especially around the 30-second mark of this video. But first, let me give you a few "keys" for a better understanding of what went on at the St Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL last night.

As you might now, Brit's gorgeous-looking show is 100% lipsynched. Thank God for that. But appearantly yesterday, at the end of Slave 4U, her mic was on, and the whole arena heard Brit say "my pussy is hanging out of this fucking thing!" to the tour staff, as she was lowered underneath the stage for a costume change. I've been trying to figure out how a "pussy" can be "hanging out" of someone's body (at least from someone who's not 90) for hours now. If you have any idea, please let me know! But no pictures please ;-)

Apart from those vajayjay problems, the show seems to be everything you want a Britney comeback show to be: energetic, fun, with lots of dancing and video. Plus the remixes of Slave For You & ...Baby One More Time sound great on Youtube. But the bitch doesn't perform Gimme More!! It's only used as a video interlude. How lame.

If you want to see what the beginning of the show looks like, here's a pretty satisfying video (watch it in HQ!). Keep the good fun coming Brit!

Will Kizzy Star drive you Out Of Control?

Basically, if Brandon Flowers (from the Killers), Gary Lightbody (from Snow Patrol) had a grown-up kid together, he would sing in a band called Kizzy Star. Nothing less!
In reality, Kizzy Star's frontman is Tony from Texas, the amazing Scottish I hope you know (if not: type texas in spotify -see here-, and enjoy). As their frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri was taking some time off the band to record and release an amazing first solo album (give it a listen ASAP!!), he started another band, called Kizzy Star.
The band recently toured the UK as Sharleen's support act on her Melody Tour, showcasing some potential hits many bands wouldn't deny. They released their first single Out Of Control on March 2nd, and I still can't understand why it's not in the upper part of the UK charts when Taylor Swift is at #5...
You can listen to 5 songs from the band on their Myspace, and by "you can" I mean "you have to go". It's nothing mor ethan very enjoyable pop music with guitars, with catchy hooks and choruses.
As I'm feeling pretty generous today, and I REALLY want the band to enjoy some well-deserved success, here's The Last Time, which will probably remind you of any recent Snow Patrol song. And that's not supposed to be mean.
For more information and music visit Kizzy Star's Myspace
Get Out of Control from Amazon, iTunes, 7digital or any other online music store.

OK, something about U2's No Line On The Horizon, finally

I don't really feel like writing something huge about U2, although I like their latest record more than I thought I would. I'm just not sure what to think about its "charismatic" (ie. "not very charismatic to me") frontman Bono anymore. Nothing personal, (though I'd love to have a "personal reason" to dislike Bono, wouldn't you ?!) but he's been getting on my nerves lately acting in a "I'm God, I'm U2, I'm amazing" way.
Alright now let's talk about what U2 are about: music. If you're not aware they just released their twelveth studio album No Line On The Horizon, you might wanna get your sight/hearing checked ASAP. They're everywhere these days, even on the streets of NYC (literally !).
So is the hype deserved ? I remember being quite disappointed after the first listen of their previous album back in 2004, which didn't happen this time around. After hearing the 11 songs for the first time, I thought it was a fair deal. Which wasn't easy, given how reluctant first single Get On Your Boots made me towards the band's new material.
So once you've made it through that song, you're in for a nice moment. Opener No Line On The Horizon sets the mood quite well, whereas second track Magnificent gets you really excited.It's pretty amazing and is my favourite song on the record for now, but can repeated listens do it any good?! That remains to be seen. Other highlights include Moments Of Surrender, Unknown Caller, Cedars Of Lebanon. Being Born and White As Snow, etheral and soft as can be remind me of songs like One, which isn't necessarily bad. It's even quite good. Anyway I'll let you listen for yourself.
In other news, details about their new tour was announced today. They'll be taking the 360° Tour through Europe over the summer (first date Barcelona June 30/Paris Jul 11& 12/London Aug 14th etc) and in the US come fall. They'll be playing in stadiums only, but to prevent fans from getting a shitty show (which is often the case in stadiums, at least visually), the stage will be 360° visible. The fact that they'll also be able to sell more tickets is of course not important at all... For Europe the prices start at 30€, which, I must admit is quite cheap for a U2 show. Interestingly the band unveiled the tour stage, which I think is cool because I'm always dying to discover extravagant concerts stages, but, I must admit, killed the suspense and expectations. Anyway it's pretty massive and looks promising. Now I have to check it for real !
For more info, check the tour website and U2's official site.

Découvrez U2!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

A private joke

Beware, dear Parisians! Pete Doherty now lives in le gai Paris. It's a bit like an Erasmus exchange for crackwhores, right?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

If I Can't Have You: a great song by Kelly Clarkson

The usually quite dull Kelly Clarkson had on good reason for releasing her album All I Ever Wanted (released sometime in March, but avalaible since mid-February for those who know where to look for). What's that reason, you're wondering? Well, it has the shape of one of the most efficient and amazing pop/rock songs of 2009. It's called If I Can't Have You and it's pretty fantastic. Other than that, the album is boring as hell and the bitch should be reminded that except in The Magic World Of Singers From Quebec, "yelling", "shouting", "screaming" or "bellowing" don't mean "singing".
OK, I'll be fair and admit that the first single My Life Would Suck Without You is half-decent, so that makes 1 1/2 reason to be interested in that record. But if you are to spend money on a "record", buy the new U2 album instead (more on that later).

Anyway, here's the marvelous piece of work produced by Ms. Clarkson.

This is Sliimy. He's French. He's kinda cool.

In a world where Mika wouldn't exist, Sliimy could be totally original and amazing in his own right. Too bad, two years ago Life In Cartoon Motion happened and the world never was the same after that.
Once you've aknowledged this fact, it's easy to appreciate Sliimy, a French 20-year-old singer who's releasing his first album Paint Your Face on April 6. His first single Wake Up is a really nice pop song which will probably have some impact over the spring, because, clearly it's a spring-y song. It's fresh and instantly makes you wanna run in a field with a dog behind you and butterflies around, on a sunny day.
Apart from that, Sliimy gained some fame by covering Britney's Womanizer in a rather cool way. Mind you, even Perez Hilton heard of him.
I'm really curious to hear the album, I bet I'm gonna be listening to it A LOT in the months to come. So maybe I should thank Warner Music for giving us a not-very-good-looking Mika two years late. Score, guys!

Here's the video for Wake Up

Sliimy's Myspace

A glimpse of Britney's Circus Tour!

Former trainwreck Britney Spears is starting her brand new Circus Tour in less than 24 hours in New Orleans! In celebration for that, her website leaked the official setlist and some shooting from the rehearsals. See for yourself first, I'll make a few comments just after.


Perez/Parade Intro
Circus (Funky Remix)
Piece of Me
Thunderstorm Segue
HOUSE OF FUN (Anything Goes)
Martial Arts Segue
Ooh Ooh Baby/Hot as Ice
If U Seek Amy
Me Against the Music (Bollywood)
Everybody’s Looking for Something Segue
Get Naked
Britney’s Hotline
Breathe on Me/Touch of My Hand
Break the Ice Segue
Do Something
SlaveDancer Solo Segue/Heartbeat Segue
Baby One More Time (Remix)
Womanizer (Extended Remix)
C ircus Reprise: The Bow

Now a few comments, based on the two elements below only:

On the footage:
- WOW!!!
- A cage!!!
- A whip!!!!
- Things & people flying all around!

On the setlist:
- Where the effing hell is Gimme More???!! Should I remind you it's Britney's best song ever??!
- Why so few songs from the Circus album?! What happened to Kill The Lights, Lace & Leather, Unusual You??!!
- No ballads. Great thing. Brit's ballads are boring and dull.
- Aren't there a little too many interludes (from a simple look of things)??
- Lots of Blackout songs (7) but NO TOY SOLDIER FOR EFF'S SAKE !!!!
- First & last song: "Circus". Very reminiscent of the Spice Girls Tour (also created by Jamie King) with Spice Up Your Life...
- Womanizer being "extended": great great great!! Who can get enough of the song anyway ?!!
- Baby One More Time "remix": probably amazing!

Can't wait to see what really happens in that Circus. Be sure I'll let you know. I might even upload my own footage, since I'm seeing the show in London on June 13!! Thanks AEG Live for offering the tickets!
PS: I'm almost ready to bet the setlist as we know it is not complete. From the rehearsal footage, at some point you can see a dancer dressed as a "soldier" on a "toy"/bike. And God knows neither Brit nor Jamie King are very subtile people... Plus at some point Brit pole dances...just like in the Gimme More vid...