Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cheryl Cole has a video for Parachute

As with her previous two videos, the one for Cheryl Cole's  new single Parachute (not such a great single choice, Rain On Me is way better) is beautiful but won't change the world. Fierce dancing though.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gabriella Cilmi : mission completed

Here is the image Gabriella Cilmi('s team) want(s) to convey in front of the world. She's TWO YEARS OLDER than when she was singing something about being sweet and stuff. She's a GROWN-UP, SEXY, CONFIDENT WOMAN. and, apparently, she's On a mission. That's how her new single is named anyway.
Mind, you, it's pretty very good. All sexy synthy bouncy pop. It was produced by Xenomania (who, as you know, are behind all Girls Aloud songs since album 2), and it's way better than what they did for Mini Viva for example. Let's call this a return in top form for Ms. Cilmi, who will hopefully fly high with this one. The single drops on March 8 and the album Ten will be yours as from the 22nd.

Bonus alert, here's another song from the album that just leaked. Nice ! It's called Hearts Don't Lie

And, as I sense you might be interested, here's what the album cover looks like (we're safe, she has a bra on).

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goldfrapp have got a Rocket-oh-oh-oh

What on Earth could be better than Goldfrapp returning with an electro-flavoured track? Not much, I agree. Well, we're in luck cause that's precisely the case. Rocket is a funky 80s-inspired synth song with a chorus so infectious it's almost ridiculous. Needless to say I love it. It's out at the beginning of March with the album Heart First shortly after. 4...3...2...1
Goldfrapp - Rocket by Itspop

Beyoncé likes to do it on the phone with girls...

... or so it seems

Exhibit A : Beyoncé feat Lady Gaga - Video Phone. (From Sasha Fierce Deluxe Edition)

Result : not-so-good, "very-early-morning-sex"-like. Way to hook up with Gaga anyway.

Exhibit B : Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé - Telephone (From The Fame Monster)

Result : Awesome. Their so-so first time paid off, they evolved into a very hot pair in bed on the phone

Exhibit C : Alicia Keys feat. Beyoncé : Put It In A Love Song (From The Element Of Freedom)

Quote : "Then text me on the cell phone"
Result : Bee's going at it with another gal pal, and it sounds pretty cool too.

BTW, this little telephone obsession of hers began way back when she was strutting her stuff with her Destiny's Child BFFs (quote Bug A Boo : "I wanna put your number on the call block" / "Tell MCI to cut the phone poles" - quote Bills, Bills, Bills : "Can you pay my telephone bills" / "And then you use my cell phone").

Beyoncé, quite the wired girl. 

Sunday, January 03, 2010


#1 Arctic Monkeys - Humbug
This incredibly well-written and musically perfect album is a total success! The fantastic four have managed to become the most exciting rock band around in less than four years, thanks to deep, dark, nervous and exciting tracks.

Favourite tracks : My Propeller, Cornerstone, Crying Lightning 

#2 Dragonette - Fixin' To Thrill

I can't even begin to understand why this band is not much more successful... They clearly are the best in their field, which is making incredibly catchy and always super-clever pop music that is much more than just "pop music".

Favourite tracks : Easy, Fixin To Thrill, Stupid Grin

#3 Gossip - Music For Men
By letting legendary producer Rick Rubin manage the recording sessions, Beth Ditto's band have turned down their punk rage a bit. The good news is they've made an absolute smash with this album, full of huge melodies, killer tracks, on which Beth's incredible voice shines at all times. Amazing!

Favourite tracks : Heavy Cross, Love Long Distance, Vertical Rhythm

#4 Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts
Thanks to the use of their hit Don't Upset The Rhythm, the whole wide world became awareof how awesome this band is. Fronted by the hotness that is Shingai Shoniwa, they blend rock, soul and funk in a superclassy way, creating an album that lacks in bad elements... Even better every time!

Favourite tracks : Don't Upset The Rhythm, Wild Young Hearts, So Complicated

#5 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!
Not only have they created my favourite track of the year (Zero), they also offered us a classy rock album, quite different from their punkier first two records. Whether it's a ballad (including the best of '09, Runaway) or a full-on electro-rock number they hit all the right buttons.

Favourite tracks : Zero, Head Will Roll, Runaway


#6 Kasabian - West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum
There's nothing stopping Kasabian, as proven by their excellent third album. Their songs are still as anthemic as ever, and the road-movie like construction of the tracklist makes it a fascinating musical journey. For sure, these boys are here to stay.

Favourite tracks: Vlad The Empaler, Fire, Underdog

#7 Little Boots - Hands
The Little Boots project was so hot at the end of 2008 that her debut album Hands should have been released way earlier than it eventually was. But what she lost in hype, she gained in efficiency. The record isfilled with fantastic pop songs that made us forget how bad a choice New I Town was as a first single. Such goodness just screams "MORE"! Hopefully, we won't have to wait for too long...

Favourite tracks : Stuck On Repeat, Remedy, Hearts Collide

#8 Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster
Apart from rasing to stardom in less time than she needs to strip, Lady GaGa managed to release a second that firmly established her as the hottest artist of the past two years. By mixing 90s and 00s dance, electro and faultless songwriting and production she should be around for quite some time... Ifyou haven't already, you might as well give in to Ms. GaGa...

Favourite tracks: Bad Romance, Telephone, Dance In The Dark
#9 Paloma Faith - Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?

One of this year's best surprises has an amazing voice, a unique and powerful universe and, most importantly, a debut record full of facinating pop-soul tunes that should make amy buy herself a one-way ticket to the Caribbeans, for a never-ending vacation...

Favourite tracks: Stone Cold Sober,Upside Down, New York, Play On

#10 Natalie Imbruglia - Come To Life
Even if the release has been pushed back to 2010, it's fair to say that Nat came back with a rather great album, well-worthy of her too-often underestimated talent. There you have ten pop jewels (partly thanks to Chris Martin's help) on wish Ms. Imbruglia shines whether it's a chilled-out number or a more risky electro-infused one... A smash!

Favourite tracks: Want, My God, Wild About It

 #11 Erik Hassle - Hassle
It's hard to believe that the guy on this record is only 21. This gifted Swedish singer really knows what a (good) melody is, which makesthis debut album a remarkably well-crafted one. I know some others which can't say the same...

Favourite tracks : Hutful, Love Me To Pieces, Don't Bring Flowers

 #12 Annie - Don't Stop
Our beloved norwegian songstress doesn't seem to be giving up on her rather shaky career, as this excellent electro-pop second album shows. This is great ews for all those who still want to dance to clever and exciting music in the future!

Favourite tracks : Songs Remind Me Of You, Don't Stop, I Don't Like Your Band

 #13 Ebony Bones - Bone Of My Bones
This woman is the righ mix of craziness, creativity and great music. Her rather unclassifiable sound blends pop, drum&bas, rap and many more altogether, making Bone Of My Bones a genuinelyincredible album, so different than everything else on the pop landscape at the moment. This year's big discovery.
Titres préférés : W.A.R.R.I.O.R., Don't Fart On My Heart (oui oui!), Music


 #14 Florence + The Machine - Lungs
Florence can proudly add to the chart success of her astonishing debut the satisfaction of a great critical response. It's all fair and deserved, Lungs being so powerful, well-written and clever. You can add Flo to the not-so-long list of ballsy and fascinating women in pop. Nxt album please!

Favourite tracks: My By Builds Coffins, You Got The Love, Drumming Song

#15 Starsailor - Boy In Waiting
I'm so glad this band never lost its mojo, despite being one of the most unfairly underestimated bands of the decade, and never really enjoying the success they deserved. Their fourth album proves they still are amazing songwriters who know how tomake a proper song, while never choosing the easy way.

Favourite tracks: Tell Me It's Not Over, Stars And Stripes, Listen Up

#16 V.V. Brown - Traveling Like The Light
VV was in so many fashion magazines this year, that people probably forgot she's actually a singer and not a model. Too bad, because with such a great debut album, she should have achieved a lot more musically and chart-wise. This girl has a real, inspiring personality and a universe of her own which perfectly shows in her delicious pop songs.
Favourite tracks: Shark In The Water, Crying Blood, Leave!, L.O.V.E. 

#17 Franz Ferdinand - Tonight
Darker, more risky, more sensual but always as good as the previous ones, the third FF album looks (and sounds) great alongside its big brothers. It shows a a band in top form and not afraid of a little of challenging themselves, while stillstayig true to their values of quality and efficiency. Plus, it's even better on stage!

Favourite tracks:Ulysses, No You Girl, What She Came For, Lucid Dreams

#18 Hockey - Mind Chaos
Among the crowd of new hippie-with-a-fancy-looking-CD-sleeve rock bands, Hockey have risen mainly thanks to a nice collection of cleverly-written songs unashamedly influenced by pop and rock (Beach boys, Rolling Stones), while still soundong very modern.

Favourite tracks: Too Fake, Song Away, Curse This City

#19 Alphabeat - The Spell
This über fun danish band have managed to make a great album out of the sounds of the 90s. It sounds more like Corona and Ace Of Base than Neneh Cherry and Alanis, but once you've accepted it, it's pure pleasure. Probably because these guys know how to write a pop hook and a killer chorus. Perfect for you newt house party!

Favourite tracks: The Spell, Heart Failure, Heatwave

#20 La Roux - La Roux
Once you're accustomed to Ellie Jackson shrieky voice, you can only enjoy these delicious 80s-influenced songs, full of beats and bouncy synths. A nice debut!

Favourite tracks: Fascination, Bulletproof, I'm Not Your Toy

#21 Dan Black - ((Un))
The former leader from The Servant has returned with a debut solo album so full of delicious electro, pop and funky offerings that place himas one of the most interesting male singes of the year.

Favourite tracks : Pump My Pumps, Yours, Symphonies, U+Me=

#22 The xx - xx
The most buzz-about new band of the year was eventually worth (almost) everything that has been written about them. Or at least about their music, a rather deep and haunting blend of pop, rock and sometimes r&b. As for the rest, they're not really appealling...

Favourite tracks: Crystalized, VCR, Islands

#23 Naive New Beaters - Wallace

It's safe to say that these guys know how to write a hit song...You don't believe me? Just give Can't Choose, Get Love or Live Good a spin, and you should be convinced.

Favourite tracks: Can't Choose, Get Love, Live Good

#24 Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM

Three years after her beautiful debut album 5:55, Charlotte let Beck in charge of the second one. The result is a super-classy slightly rock-infused record that suits Mrs. Gainsbourg perfectly. Welcome back Char'!

Favourite tracks: IRM, Heaven Can Wait, Voyage

#25 Revolver -Music For A While
Those three frenchies could be a reincarnation of the Beatles, with their nice little pop songs, and their obvious talent as songriters. You should love it after just one listen!

Favourite tracks: Get Around Town, It' Alright, Luke, Mike & John

#26 Muse -The Resistance
This new album shows no sign of weakness from th band. They still master the art of delivering vibrating, pulsating, and mindblowing rock-meet-symphony tracks. They stick to their own formula, and they're right to do so : it works.

Favourite tracks: Uprising, Undisclosed Desires, MK Ultra

#27 Phoenix- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

This French band finally gets the success they deserve on an international level thanks to an extremely clever record full of catchy songs. Asthe artwork suggests, it's a bomb baby!

Favourite tracks: 1901, Lisztomania, Fences

#28 Christophe Willem - Caféine

A French mal singer who dares singing androgynous uptempo pop songs is so rare that he deserves a shout-out! Add to this that said songs are most of the time really good, and you can say that Christophe is right to look up to sexy pop divas...he might becom one someday!

Favourite tracks: La Demande, Coffee, Berlin, Plus Que Tout

#29 Nerina Pallot - The Graduate

Here a is a nice girl who can write a song! Too bad she's gone by unnoticed until now. Here's hoping his third album will find its way into people's ears, because she really deserves some recognition!
Favourite tracks: Real Late Starter, Everything's Illuminated, Human.

#30 The Saturdays - Wordshaker
The reason for this album being part of my favourites of the year is its up-tempo track rather than its boring and lifeless generic ballads. Sure this band lacks a little charisma but on record, they fit the girlband bill quite well thanks to catchy and well-produced pop tracks.

Favourite tracks: Ego, One Shot, Open Up, Lose Control.

#30 Cheryl Cole - 3 Words
THE British (pop)star of th year took advantage of the one-year hiatus of her band (Girls Aloud) to go record a solo album with Will.I.Am, among other producers. The result is a sometimes great, sometimes dull collection of modern R&B songs, led by a HUGE single : Fight For This Love.

Favourite tracks: Fight For This Love, Parachute, Rain On Me.