Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beyoncé likes to do it on the phone with girls...

... or so it seems

Exhibit A : Beyoncé feat Lady Gaga - Video Phone. (From Sasha Fierce Deluxe Edition)

Result : not-so-good, "very-early-morning-sex"-like. Way to hook up with Gaga anyway.

Exhibit B : Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé - Telephone (From The Fame Monster)

Result : Awesome. Their so-so first time paid off, they evolved into a very hot pair in bed on the phone

Exhibit C : Alicia Keys feat. Beyoncé : Put It In A Love Song (From The Element Of Freedom)

Quote : "Then text me on the cell phone"
Result : Bee's going at it with another gal pal, and it sounds pretty cool too.

BTW, this little telephone obsession of hers began way back when she was strutting her stuff with her Destiny's Child BFFs (quote Bug A Boo : "I wanna put your number on the call block" / "Tell MCI to cut the phone poles" - quote Bills, Bills, Bills : "Can you pay my telephone bills" / "And then you use my cell phone").

Beyoncé, quite the wired girl. 

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