Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Diana Vickers: surprisingly quite good.


I must admit I thought Diana Vickers was quite the irritating contestant on the 2008 X-Factor season. When she finished in fourth place, I didn't think we'd hear from her and her hand anymore. Boy was I wrong. Because there's much more to this girl than a lame talent show. She's getting ready to release her debut album (on April 26) and if this sampler I got my hands on is anything to go by, it's going to be a great record. First single Once is an immediate smash written by Cathy-Can't-Get-You-Out-Of-My-Head-Dennis, a goddess in her own rights, and makes great use of Diana's fragile voice, turning the chorus into an amazing pop moment. Diana also worked on her album with Nerina Pallot (who penned the really good Put It Back Together Again), Ellie Goulding and so many other people that her album credits might be ten pages long! Anyway I'm eagerly waiting the release of Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree, and you should too!

Diana Vickers - Once

Alex Gardner : new popstar in the making

Alex Gardner looks like a popstar of proper proportions, we must admit. He's been grown in the secret Xenomania lab for quite some time now, and is finally ready to release his first single. I'm Not Mad is an excellent pop song in the vein of those Xenomania have gotten us used to. It remains to be seen if Alex has what it takes to take it to the next level, but I sense that with his cute Jesse-McCarney-esque looks, his suprisingly mature-sounding voice and a string of good songs like this one, he should do great. Anyway, the single is out March 22nd in the UK and here is the video (which makes me wonder why they bothered flying to LA to shoot it).

And just like that, because I know you'll enjoy it, here's another song of his, called Yesterday's News. Pretty great too. 

Friday, February 05, 2010

Marina-And-The-Diamonds is awesome. Buy her single HOLLYWOOD

It's all there is to say, really. This song needs to be in the UK top ten by Saturday evening. You know what you've got to do.